Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This video is proof of so many things. Like the following:

  1. My kids totally can talk (you hear them say "Brother, Thank you, Blankie, Pillow, Ni-Night, Grey, Micah, Don't, Please, and NO!" in this video.... or maybe only I can understand them and all you hear is nonsense.)
  2. Only children are probably sad, and twins are the best ever.
  3. Boys are rougher than girls. There's not really proof concerning girls, but I watch this and can only assume that sisters don't playfully walk on each other's faces or jump on one another, and if they do - tears ensue. 
  4. Moms obviously are much more interested in their kids than anyone else, because I love this video, but it's probably pretty boring to everyone else alive. Probably even my mom and husband. Sorry it's five minutes long.

The favorite "game" at this house, is not really a game. It is pretending to sleep, and also wrestling with each other (and with Travis, if he's home). It's so fun that the boys have reached an age where they really do play together and not just near each other. 
You moms of twins that are littler than mine... just you wait. Things are going to get pretty awesome at your house really soon. Then you too can take pictures of your wraslin' young'uns. 

Also, concerning girls: My boys have decided that they hate girls. And I think I know why:
  1. Girls are bossy and try to tell you what toys to play with and they try to make you share with them.
  2. Girls hug you when you don't want to hug, and try to hold your hand when you don't want to be touched. 
  3. Girls cry when you shove them and step on their faces. Then you get in trouble.
Man, girls are the worst, am I right? The boys really like the little girl who lives downstairs and ask to play with her, and get excited when they see her outside, but every time she comes over it's like they remember what girls are like and they freak out. They want to push and shove her, and they really really don't want her to hug them.
Unfortunately for them, she's a hugging machine. And every time they do something mean to her, I make them hug her as punishment.

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Unknown said...

HA HA!! "Go hug and say sorry!"!! You make me laugh.

Elizabeth said...

This article talks about how most boys/men who have sisters tend to be happier, so they might just get used to it eventually. :)


Elizabeth said...

Meaning, get used to girls. :)

Vanessa said...

Haha, my little girl is and does all of those things. However, I hated all of the things you just named about boys. I didn't blame her that she didn't like getting slapped in the face when she wasn't the one in the wrong. Boys tend to be the instigator of problems and then fight when the little girls don't like the problem they started. For this very reason I was petrified to have a boy. Now that I have one, everyone has toughened up a little, but I will never ever let my boys slap and kick the girls (without consequence because Im sure they will try). As a mother of a daughter who has been there, it made me really mad.

MARCIE said...

Cute video! I was able to connect it to my TV thru Apple, so cool!