Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy's Boys

I got married to my favorite and my best. And lo and behold, three and a half years later - he has two perfect little clones running around. 
If any man is going to be cloned, it should definitely be this crazy-haired man. And these boys are three of a kind, and I don't just mean their blond hair, blue eyes, and miles of legs. 
If they picked out their own clothes (which all of them do, sometimes) they would choose sweats (or jeans, if they must) and a hoodie every day. If they could choose the way to spend an entire day, it would be snuggled up together watching cartoons and playing video games or riding their bikes in the sunshine. 
If they got to pick their own foods, it would be a combo of fresh fruits, sandwiches, and junk food. Oh, and milk! Did I mention milk? Before the boys were born, Travis and I went through 2-3 gallons of milk A WEEK. Just us. 
Now we go through 5 or more! I don't know what we'll do when Grey and Micah are teenagers!

Every morning, when Travis leaves for work, all of us stand at the door and whine. Actually, the boys usually cry and sob and beg, "Daddy! Daddy! No!"
It must be nice to be the very favorite person in the entire house. He's my favorite. He's the boys' favorite. (But, I mean... what's not to love?)
Throughout the day, every 15 minutes (or less) Micah asks, "Daddy?" and I say, "Daddy is at work."
Unfortunately, being a small business owner means that Travis works 6 (or usually 7) days a week most weeks, and he usually works really long days.
But the best, nicest ever, most favorite days of the year are the days that we get to spend together. A Daddy and his boys.
Oh man, they're cute.
And next week we're going on a trip to AZ together and I'm FREAKING OUT I'm so excited! We get to see lots of my family, and (perhaps even just as exciting!) we'll get to see the sun. THE SUN! It's still a thing, right?
The boys can wear hoodies instead of winter coats every day! Or maybe, not even hoodies!? CAN THAT BE REAL?
And we get to spend all day together and with my grandparents and great-grandparents!
I'm pretty dang psyched.
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Polly said...

Cute post! Are you going to drive your van to AZ? Is that your van in the driveway? If so I like the color. I am super psyched for AZ too. It's all I think about. It's going to be so fun!!