Monday, February 11, 2013

Photo A Day Feb 3 - 9

Normally, I think I tend to live in the moment... As well as simultaneously living in an exciting dream future and a dramatic remembered-past. 
If you're wondering what that nonsense means, it means that I am a terrible planner and have awful memory, so I never really know what's going to happen and I usually don't remember what has recently happened either. 
But I think a lot about the future, imagining things like having my own house, and four more kids, and imagining what summertime is like. It's so distant and abstract that I'm not constantly thinking and stressing and waiting for it, but it is nice to dream and wish for. 
Likewise, I can't really remember how awful the flu was last week (because I'm too busy thinking about what's going on now), but I do like to occasionally dwell on extremely interesting things that happened to me, big moments or funny stories. 
But they often morph into anecdotes rather than memories or regrets... Anyway. What I'm getting to is this:
That is not how this week has been going. Instead, I've sitting, waiting, wishing for this trip to Arizona. I haven't been living in the moment, or the distant-future. I've been living in next week. 
Every time the dumb snow falls on my dumb driveway and my dumb kids ask me to roll down their dumb windows and let in the stupid cold air I'm like, ARIZONA!
That's a bad way to live. Because I don't even care what's happening around me, as long as my family and I survive until next week, when our lives can begin!
Yeah. That's a bad way to live. 
So this whole week was almost half-hearted. Yikes. Okay. I have to start living in the moment again. 

Sun Feb 3: Just a giant grapefruit for breakfast.

Mon Feb 4: Micah, Mama, and Grey. Oh, how I love my boys. // Tues Feb 5: Micah likes to be fed his toast, so his hands don't get all sticky.

Wed Feb 6: Grey loves to mix and pour water in the tub. // Thurs Feb 7: Micah loves his "Brumpa" Dave.

Fri Feb 8: My bed is the favorite place to play. // Sat Feb 9: Apple Doughnuts for breakfast. HOLY DANG YUMMY. (Make a half-batch or less, we made almost a hundred!)

Also, does anyone even read the text on these Photo-A-Day posts? I don't think you do. Prove me wrong. :)

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Jeannie Bruce said...

Becky, I am a long time lurker, and just wanted to say that I love your blog, and your children are adorable! And I totally do read the words on your picture a day posts!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

I read the text. And I know the feeling about looking to the future, having a baby sometime next year, hubby graduates next year, summer, vacations, etc. I can't wait for those things, and its bad cause I count down the days and then I forget to enjoy today.

Enjoy your trip though, Arizona sounds so nice compared to Utah right now!

Polly said...

Katie wants to know why you think your kids are dumb? Katie thinks they are wonderful and smart for their age because the can already talk. So not only do I read your blog, I read it out loud!

Casey said...

I read the text!

Jessica and colby said...

No sunshine in phoenix just 48 degree winds and rain. Hopefutlly it goes away before you come!

Elizabeth said...

I do.

Emily said...

I read every. single. word. Unless you've done something that makes me jealous (like escaping stupid winter by going to Arizona). Then I just glare at the pictures and mumble about how stupid winter is. :-)

Party of Three Heads said...

I read em!!!