Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo a Day - Feb 17 - 23

Blerg. You know the scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan has a cold and says things like, "My brain feels fuzzy." She has pockets full of dirty tissues and sits on her couch wrapped in a homemade quilt.
That's how I feel today. My brain feels fuzzy.
Except there are also two needy people here that want food, entertainment, and for me to not lie on the couch or in the steamy tub all day.
(So needy.)
It's hard to believe that a week ago, we were still in sunny Arizona and not in this cold place.
I also realized that the boys will turn two in ONE WEEK. I have not been getting their birthday party ready! What have I been doing? I guess that's today's naptime project. (Even though I'd rather take a nap with the boys.... Okay, I might do that. We'll see...)
We do know what we're getting the boys for their birthday, though. A keychain for each of the boys (with real keys, because they're obsessed with keys) and a tool box from Ikea.
The other gifts I've been debating? Gardening tools and puddle jumpers (but I think my mom is going to get them rainboots) and throw pillows.
For real.
They're obsessed with pillows and each take three or more to bed with them, along with three or more blankets (including their very big homemade quilts). If I put them to bed with less pillows than their usual fare, they sit in bed and cry "Powlow, kie-kie. Powlow, kie-kie!" (Which, in case you're not fluent in my kids means, "Pillow, blankie. Pillow, blankie!") They don't care for stuffed animals at all, and I want to keep buying them, but I'm forcing myself to buy toys and things they'll actually want.
Like keys. And tools. And pillows.
Little weirdos. Good thing they're so cute. 

Sorry that you guys have seen all the good pictures here already, and the ones you haven't seen are meh. This week we mostly hung out in our house, with messy hair.
Sat Feb 16: seriously, I can't get enough of this picture. // Sun Feb 17: Micah and Grey, chilling with their great-great Grandpa.

Mon Feb 18: Saying goodbye to my grandparents.

Tues Feb 19: Welcome back to Utah, Pitchers!

Wed Feb 20: Grey helps with dishes. (What did I say about messy hair?) // Thurs Feb 21: Even though it melted right away, this pretty snow was still a pain.

   Fri Feb 22: Piled high with pillows and blankets to watch their new favorite movie, Winnie the Pooh. // Sat Feb 23: They wanted to go out and see the snow, but they didn't want to wear pants....

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Unknown said...

Only cool people go out to see the snow without pants on... LOVE IT!!

Mo said...

My boys have the same birthday as yours and I can't believe they will be 2 already! Anyway, the birthday comes up so fast that no matter how much I think I do ahead of time it still leaves so much to do at the last minute.
Happy Birthday, Grey and Micah!