Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Get ready for So Many Pictures, You Wouldn't Believe It!
That is a confusing sentence.

But the sunshine and happy weather has made my photographer-heart sing, and I've been taking about a million pictures a day around here. And you folks get to reap some of the happy rewards. You're welcome, world.

First, beautiful Grey eating a watermelon:

How about Micah pretending to "go ni-night" for me, so I could try to take pictures of them "sleeping."

Now, "camping" in our backyard:

 I think Grey is sometimes sad that my hair is too short to play with. Luckily, he has Elizabeth.

Seriously, this little cutie is the boys' best friend. We literally spend all day, every day with them.

 This is 10 minutes after Micah violently threw up a hotdog. I was denying him a second hotdog and HE WAS MAD he needed to bust into this ketchup himself. He also calls ketchup, "hotdog" and begs for it on all his food. He's currently sitting on my lap, pointing back and forth between these pictures saying, "Hotdog. Micah, eyes."
Yeah, man. Those are quite the eyes you have.

How about pictures of a chilly walk to the park?

How about Travis longboarding down a hill with all of our children?


And last, but certainly not least-adorable: Pictures of my kids in the big-boy undies they love to pee in: 

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Sarah said...

Love the pictures! Super cute. The rainboots are adorable.

MARCIE said...

I fear for Elanor's bare feet and legs! How lucky for all of you to have friends living there!