Monday, March 18, 2013

Photo a Day - March 10 - 16

Last week was pretty much perfect. Every morning the sunshine was warm, and by afternoon it was in the 70s! We ate all of our meals as picnics, and the boys took late afternoon naps because we just couldn't bear to go inside earlier and miss the weather. 
In fact, since we share our backyard, we ended up eating about half our meals with the downstairs neighbors.  A funny thing has happened in the last few weeks. The boys have become very dependent on the little girl downstairs. 
They wake up and call, "Ne-nor, Ne-nor!" (Elanor.)
The moment we finish breakfast, they run downstairs to knock on her window, and last night after Grey threw up, he lay on the couch and begged for her. 
Um. Okay? You need her to ... comfort you, or what?
It's pretty darn cute, especially since it's reciprocated and she often announces "Grey and Micah need me!"
She's a good little extra mom. And she was here when most of the pictures were taken, but none of the pictures of her made the cut, so be sure you visit her mama's blog {here} or just stick around this week, while I share all of last week's pictures. 

Sun March 10: After a rough morning at church, both Micah and Travis about had meltdowns when Travis insisted "Just one more bite of your lunch," and Micah refused.

Mon March 12: Gnocchi for dinner! // Tues March 13: Headfirst down the slides!

Wed March 13: Feeding the chickens at Wheeler Farms is a perfect spring activity. // Thurs March 14: Grey rocks his new buzz cut, while helping Daddy fix his skateboard.

Fri March 15: Digging out the muck in the garden, and look what survived the winter! Sage! // Sat March 16: Micah and me roasting hot dogs in the backyard.

Sadly, our weekend ended with puking and this week has been nothing but Toy Story, puking, and eating scrambled eggs and saltines.
Blerg. At least it's rainy and miserable outside the windows, so I don't feel too bad about missing out on the Springtime fun. But the boys might need Ne-nor to come keep them company while they whine and whimper.

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amberly said...

I tried your gnocchi recipe for my husband this weekend. It was amazing. I worked at Gloria's Little Italy in Provo for a while and I would eat gnocchi all the time. I think your recipe tastes just like the restaurant! Thank you so much for sharing! This will be a staple in our house from now on. It's so easy and yummy!