Monday, April 29, 2013

Photo a Day: April 21- 28

What a gloriously sunshiney week! This week was special, in that it had that rare ability to be both very good and very bad. Travis traveled this week, and the boys were completely distraught unless they were being thoroughly distracted. 
This means that we did lots of fun things with our friends and family, but it also means that whenever we weren't doing extremely fun things, my kids were having total meltdowns. 
It was a very-high, very-low type of week. Exceptionally draining, as far as single weeks go. 
*Note: The photos here are definitely all from this week... they may or may not be from the actual days listed. ;)

Sun April 21: The boys' pretty Aunt Tessa. // Mon April 22: The "secret path" that runs along the side of our house. 

Tues April 23: Grey boy. // Wed April 24: Weighing berries for homemade jam.

 Thurs April 25: My neighborhood friends! Bethany, Casey, Elizabeth, and me.

Fri April 27: We visited a farm. // Sat April 28: Grey just can't wait one more day for Daddy to come home. Mom combats tantrums by photographing them.

Here's to hoping that this week is ordinary in it's tantrums and spectacular in it's joy.
Let's begin by a trip to the zoo.

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Sarah said...

The crying picture is hilarious to me! I find crying pictures of kids funny.