Friday, May 10, 2013

Friends for Boys (and Friends for Moms.)

I am very partial to my camera and my very specific favorite lens (a Sigma 30mm), yes. True. 
But there is something so nice about friends with cameras! Two of our neighbors (who we see almost daily) both sent me some pictures this week, so I decided to share some of my favorites. It's nice to be in some pictures every once and a while...

This is Micah. In case you can't remember: Grey has short hair and a short name. Micah has longer hair and a longer name.

I promise, I wipe my kids' faces off all the time. It's not my fault they're constantly crusty.

Micah with his two besties (besides Grey.) Elanor and Eli.

On the hammock.

Playing Poohsticks with the boys and Eli.

Checking out a worm they managed to dig up with a stick. (Or rather, they managed to dig half of a worm up.) Boys are gross.

We're so lucky to have a close-knit neighborhood full of lots of little kids!

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