Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo a Day: May 5-11

This week has probably been my favorite week of 2013, as far as weather goes. Hot, bright mornings and huge, thunder-rumbling storms in the afternoon and evening, almost every day! I love a good thunderstorm. 
Yesterday Travis said, "Utah seems to have finally realized that it's Spring!" But I disagree. I think Utah forgot about Spring and suddenly it's summer. I mean, today it's over 90 degrees! That's summertime weather! So I bought the boys squirt guns and they've been shirtless all morning. That's the proper way to ring in summer, if you're wondering. 
And I might do a Mothersy post tomorrow, since yesterday was Mother's Day, but let me just say until then: Somehow I got pretty dang lucky. I have the best mother in the world, (not to mention my amazing Mother-in-law and all my Grandmas) and the best boys to be a mother to. 
Mother's Day is a good day.  

 Sun May 5: Oops! Two pictures from Sunday, because I couldn't pick a favorite. The top is of Grey and me. I think it's hilarious. He has his juice, dinosaur, and sunglasses. Everything a little boy needs. // And Micah with his crazy morning hair and the glasses I just can't get enough of.
Mon May 6: We got a visit from my cousin Becky! That's right. We're both named Becky. Isn't she cute?

Tues May 7: This is a church building in our neighborhood! We played Pooh-sticks on the bridge and my lovely friend Casey snapped this picture. I love it! // Wed May 8: The boys love their "lella," but getting hit by the rain is even more fun!

Thurs May 9: On a walk with three little blondies. // Fri May 10: It was chilly enough in the drizzly afternoon for Micah to wear a sweater.

Sat May 11 (my Mom's birthday, by the way!): Micah and Grey were looking at ants when (drumroll) a truck drove by! Can you even imagine anything so awesome and spectacular to look at?

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