Monday, May 6, 2013

Photo a Day: April 28 - May 4

Our weather just can't make up its mind! Someday's it's hot and sunny, shorts and shirtless weather (for little boys, at least) and other days it's blustery! Oh bother. 
The boys had their two year check up this week, and Grey is 37 inches tall, and 30 pounds and Micah is 36.5 inches tall and 28.5 pounds. 
Grey's always been a bit bigger and he's holding true. (People always ask how we could tell them apart as newborns and that's how: Grey was over a 1/2 pound bigger, and 1/2 pound is a lot when you're only 5 lbs). We met with a new doctor, and he he was so surprised and delighted by Grey and Micah's tall, thin bodies but big, thick legs. He kept saying, "From the thighs down, these are not two year olds! They have such strong calves and such big puppy-dog paws." I guess their hands and feet were both way bigger than usual (they wear toddler 8-9 shoes, for anyone wondering). 
Something about having tiny, preemie babies (even two years ago) always makes me fist pump when the boys are in the 90 percentile for size. They're big boys! They're healthy and strong! And, have you seen those calves? They're extremely good jumpers!

Sun April 28: The boys are a little obsessed with their new sunnies (me too.) // Mon April 29: Dad stayed home and we went to the zoo! Micah kept shouting, "Fun! Fun!" as the carousel went around.

Tues April 30: A visit to our pretty temple. // Wed May 1: Grey boy.

Thurs May 2: Grey loves to show off his strength by carrying around giant, heavy rocks. // Fri May 3: Handsome Travis.

Sat May 4: Uncle Tate traces Micah's legs with chalk. Oh, they love their uncle Teet.

And if you're wondering, while I'm typing this out: my boys are sitting on the couch with the two most coveted "toys" in our house. (They are NOT toys, but the boys think they are.) The iPad and my DSLR camera. Every few minutes one of them says "Trade, please" and they switch. Then whoever is holding the iPad tries to play a logic game for adults (which they are obsessed with, because of the cute animations and silly sound effects), and whoever is holding my camera changes all my settings and turns it on and off.

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The Jacksons said...

Such BIG boys! My almost 3 year old wears a size 6 shoe and is just barely 26 1/2 pounds. She's 42 inches tall though..can you say tall and skinny?