Monday, May 27, 2013

Photo a Day: May 19-25

Happy Memorial Day! A year ago on Memorial Day is when I started doing photo a day, and I am so delighted that I've been able to do it for so long. I want to do it every day for the rest of my life, but that seems unlikely.
Nonetheless, taking a "good" (or pretty good) picture with my camera every single day for a year is a pretty great accomplishment, so I'll take it.
In fact, I should be getting a book of my photos from 2012 this week and I am really excited. I love having "Family Albums" on my "coffee table."
(Yes, I'm pretty sure all those things belong in quotation marks.)

I actually love all of the pictures this week, especially that last one of Grey. Framer! It looks like he's posing, but I happened to be taking a picture of him laughing at his brother, and he turned and looked at me, inviting me to share in the glee, just as I clicked my button. It was less than a fraction of a second.
And I snagged it.
Oh, I love my camera.
I love the ability to grab these little seconds, that I can hold to my heart years after they have passed.
I love my little boys.
And I love that little girl downstairs.
I kind of hate putting pictures of friends in our Photo a Day pictures, because some part of me is like, "But we're going to print these and keep them and in 30 years we'll look at it and go, 'Who's this? Why is her picture in here?'"
But you know what? We play with her every single day. She ought to be in here, because the pictures capture our day. And someday, even if we can't remember her name (though I suspect we will), at least we can see her cute picture and say, "Remember this little girl? You used to play with her from breakfast to bedtime almost every single day."
These pictures are preserving memories, and I want to remember the way these three kids absolutely adore each other.

That's all. That was a little soapbox speech, but it was only aimed at me.
Anyway, here are this weeks pictures. I hope you love them.
Sun May 19: Micah thinks it tickles to play airplanes and squirms and laughs like a crazy person. // Mon May 20: Driving home from Nevada. It was a long, miserable drive.

Tues May 21: Kisses for Aunt Tessa. She left the next day for a year and a half long mission to Atlanta, Georgia. We'll miss her! To find out what she's teaching and preaching, visit {here.}

 Wed May 22: Elanor and Grey. She's a pretty tight hugger. // Thurs May 23: Popsicles and heat. It must finally be summer!

Fri May 24: Our favorite, fast pasta. (Recipe up this week, I think.) // Sat May 25: Be still my beating heart.

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Marge Bjork said...

You get some really great candid/action shots!

Elizabeth said...

These are all awfully cute. Elanor will remember them, she has an excellent memory. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow, that last picture of Micah really is a keeper. You are fantastic.