Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Traveling America

Recently I watched a video of Joy Prouty and her family, who have packed up their four small kids, sold their house, and taken to the road in a tiny trailer.
Travis and I talk about doing just that all.the.time.
Seriously, almost every day one of us says "Oh, look at that camper. Would you like a camper like that for when we decide to take to the road and travel the country, and maybe never come back?"

And after watching that video, I started looking up RVs on Craigslist, and Travis started to have panic attacks that maybe I wanted to pack up today.

I don't. Not quite yet.
But it did make me want to start doing a little bit of traveling with the boys. Maybe a long weekend to Yellowstone. A few days at the Grand Canyon.
Maybe just an overnight trip to Zion National Park.

And I thought about it increasingly, until some part of me thought: I have a blog, why not put it to use?

In your home (whether it's your town, state, or country): What should we add to our list of places to visit?
Is there a famous landmark we can't miss? A small gem of a restaurant? A goofy, small-town amusement park? (Paul Bunyan Land, anyone?)

Please, please leave your comments and I'll compile a list to post on the blog (hopefully ever increasing!)
Let's travel together, my friends.

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Sarah said...

Paul Bunyan Land.
I seriously live in Brainerd, MN! too funny that you named that one! It is a gem of sorts although there are many a more gem in the Brainerd area too!

Mo said...

Micah and Grey would love Storybook Island in Rapid City, SD. Not far from where your picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

Redwoods! We drove from NE Nevada where we live all the way to San Diego (stayed in Chula Vista) and our boys LOVED it! Our boys were 3, 2, and a few months old when we went and although it is a long drive it was really fun!

The Spencers said...

You need to come to Alberta, Canada and we will take you to Waterton! Tons to see here!!

Unknown said...

Go to Hickory Park in Ames Iowa! Seriously some of the best food you will ever have! Stop by and visit me! ;) And could you also tell me how the look of this blog looks? feel-free-to-ponder.blogspot.com Thanks so much! I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Come to California! San Francisco is a no-brainer - the Golden Gate Bridge, the best pizza you will ever have at Arizmendi Bakery, and Fairyland, a kid's theme park (which is technically in the East Bay, but still super close)!

madamelinae said...

I am lucky enough to have lived in 3 countries (Germany, Italy, Ecuador) and traveled a ton more.. Too many recommendations to put in one comment! But if you ever make it to Europe be sure to let me know!

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