Friday, November 15, 2013

My Micah Boy

 One of the best things about having twins, is comparing them. Okay, maybe comparing isn't quite the right word. But searching for, noticing, and celebrating their differences? That is such a treat.
Instead of assuming that all toddlers are like my own toddler, I can see differences between the two of them- all their built-in quirks of personality and it helps me understand, love (and sometimes forgive) all the quirks in others.
Even before the boys were born, I could spot and try to translate their differences. Micah (Baby B, if you reread old posts) was wiggly constantly. He was kicking, twitching, changing positions months after there was no room to change positions. Grey was relatively still in comparison. He was head-down, ready to be born. But when he did kick, man! did he kick! He kicked so hard that I got a uterine bruise where his feet were.
But the boys were different then. And they still are.
Grey is still a little more solemn, a little more reserved. Micah is expressive and busy, always wanting to touch and talk, and be in everybody's business. Grey just wants some snuggles, some alone time, and to occasionally demonstrate a very high jump for everyone to cheer about.

So when I pulled out my camera the other day, one of my children (guess who), ignored me, and lay down on the grass next to me, deliberately looking the other way.
And one of my children said, "You take my picture, Mom? I say, Cheeeeese. I make a silly face, too."

And, in case you're wondering what's happening while I type this:
Travis and Micah are having an 8am dance party to techno Jingle Bells (???) and Grey is pouting on the couch, yelling "Turn that DOWN!"
But don't be fooled. Grey can bust a move like nobody's business.

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Polly said...

Oh my goodness! Cute pictures of Micah. I love them all, and I love Micah and Grey!

MARCIE said...

Such adorable photos! Again!