Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo a Day: Nov 10-16

Blergh. We have been sick at our house with a rotten stomach bug. Luckily, all of our other neighbors seem to have gotten it, too, and they tell us it only lasts 24 hours or so. And this bad business started on Saturday, and seemed to have died out last night.
Turns out, the nicest thing about having the boys in twin-sized beds is that I can sleep comfortably in their room now. Saturday night, Grey slept in our bed with Travis and I slept in Grey's bed, so I could look after Micah, and it wasn't too terrible! I mean, puking toddlers is always terrible, but it's nice to separate them so the whole house doesn't feel the need to get up and wander around every time I need to peel the sheets off  one bed and switch the laundry.
But last night, every body slept in their own beds and nobody got up to puke or come screaming into my room about using the toilet.
The boys were very confused about why Travis was home all day. Micah kept asking, "Mom go to the Doctor now? We going to church? "
They were like, "We know he doesn't just stay home all day (not even on the weekend!), something must be happening!"
Nope. Just a day of snuggling.

Grey also really, really wanted to watch Dr. Who during all our lying around and tv-watching.
I tried to explain that it's not really a kids' show.
"The monsters in it are too scary!" I said.
"I LOVE the monsters!" he insisted.

Later, when we decided on a not-so-scary episode to watch- the boys were super into it. When it ended, I announced nap time. The next episode automatically started playing, and Grey paused it.
"Keep Dr. Who paused when I take a nap!" he yelled. "I watch it when I wake up!"
Um. Okay, little nerd.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my cute kids.

Sun Nov 10: Grey shouts a happy goodmorning to the rain. // Mon Nov 11: On a chilly walk with a little boy who dressed himself and posed for this picture.

Tues Nov 12: Grey rides his little bike. // Wed Nov 13: I can't get over how little they look in their very big beds.

 Thurs Nov 14: We uprooted some carrots from the garden! // Fri Nov 15: Belly shot, interrupted by a little monster hunter. (P.S. We did not buy him that gun. Travis has had it since he was a kid, since it's actually an old video game controller. The boys found it, and somehow know that it is a gun, it shoots and kills people, and they are extremely good at gun sound effects. I don't know how this happened?)

Sat Nov 16: Sometimes, even when you're sick, you need to run around a little. The cold fresh air makes you feel better for a minute (and then it makes you tired enough that you need a nap.)

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Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Your belly is so perfect and adorable already and I can't wait for mine to be cute too! And, why is that all boys seem to be natural pros at gun and car sound effects? I'm terrible at it!

Lana said...

Matts parents (read Mom) were very anti gun toys when he was the only boy. They never talked about guns or pointed them out, and even still, one day Matt chewed his sandwich into the shape of a gun and pointed it at his sisters and chased them around the house shooting them with his sandwich gun. There must be something hardwired in there. :)