Monday, November 11, 2013

Photo a Day: Nov 3 - Nov 9

This week was weird. We spent almost every day inside all day watching movies while the boys tried to figure out how to take underwear off. We spent Saturday in such a craze (painting two of the bedrooms) that I didn't manage a single picture, even with my phone! The weather went from chilly to snowy to perfect to chilly again. (And today is gloriously warm and sunny.)
And I only had a camera half the week, because Travis ended up taking it to work with him. So some pictures are from my phone and some are from my DSLR.

Anyway. Potty-training is still going okay, but we've hit a strange block: They remember to pee on the toilet if they're naked, but if they wear anything on their bottoms, they pee in them. No matter what. Loose fitting sweatpants? Just underwear? Even if they're snuggled up in a blanket - they just zone out and forget about the toilet. Even with me reminding them every 5 minutes.
They will literally stand and look me in the eye and say, "I not have to pee," and wet their pants.
So no pants, I guess.
Grey hates being all naked, but we're doing what must be done!

And here are some pictures that don't accurately represent our week:
Sun Nov 3: Micah can't say his Fs, so this is a LEAP PILE! // Mon Nov 4: On a chilly walk with Grey.

Tues Nov 5: The season's first snow! // Wed Nov 6: When will I stop thinking their feet are so cute?

Thurs Nov 7: Taking his brother for a ride. // Fri Nov 8: Micah blows me a kiss. Muwah!

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sweetxnana said...

i have potty trained many children, so I hope you don't mind a suggestion. Ask them if they are dry, have them place their hand on the "clothing" and praise them for being dry! When they have an accident practice running from where they had the accident to the potty chair, pull down clothing, sit on chair for like 3 seconds, pull up clothing go back to where the accident occurred and do this like 3 times. Making a game out of it. Saying something like Potty, potty , Potty in a happy sing songie voice!!! That way they get the idea, when I have to go I have to run to the potty. pull down my pants and sit on the potty. Than change them into dry clothes, and start over with asking if they are dry like every 15mins. Keep encouraging the extra drinks and using rewards.