Monday, December 2, 2013

Photo a Day: Nov 24-30

How was your nice, long holiday? Did you even have a nice, long holiday? If not, I suggest taking one.

I was planning on posting early this morning, so I wouldn't be tempted to include my very exciting information and distract you all from the pictures, but obviously I've failed. So here it is:
We're having another boy! I am so excited!
But honestly, I feel at peace. Just yesterday I was practically having a constant panic attack waiting and wanting to know- but as soon as we got in there, with the jelly on my belly and the doctor pointing out all the parts (here is the heart, here are the little feet), I was totally calm. And as soon as we saw that little boy-proof, I just sighed a huge breath of relief. It's a boy.
All is well.
All is right.
A boy. A perfect boy.

And now we don't need to buy any clothes (I definitely will anyway), and we can start having real name-discussions (Travis often says, baby names are what we fight about most in our marriage, so things might get heated.)
But seriously, you people who don't find out ahead of time, but wait to be surprised? You are crazy. How can you manage? I need to know as soon as possible.

Anyway. Here are some pictures from our lovely week:
 My Micah and me. // They are the best and the cutest and soon there will be three of them!

 Getting some shopping down before Thanksgiving! // Shooting some bball outside the school.

 I was extremely disappointed in the appearance of my pies, but they tasted pretty dang good, so all's well. // A fresh delicious-smelling Christmas tree!

Silly Grey is a very messy orange-eater.

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MARCIE said...

Such fun news! I love being able to plan boy or girl. I can't believe that face showing in the ultrasound! We are very happy for you and Travis and the boys!