Monday, January 13, 2014

Photo a Day: Dec 29 - Jan 11

Hey there, friends.
You probably didn't notice, but last week I didn't manage to post my photos from every day so here are two weeks!
And in addition to photos, you also get to see how jumbled I was, since most of these are labeled with the wrong date and I didn't really see the point in going in and fixing them.

Sun: Grey picking oranges. // Mon: We visited a friend and got to hold their baby goats! Cute!

Tues: My beautiful sister Mary is getting maaaaarried! // Wed: The boys at the temple with Grandma

Thurs: Micah and Grey. They are my favorite. // Fri: Swinging with Papa Mike!

 Sat: Grey likes to dip his head in the pool.

 Sun: Driving home to the cold. // Mon: Playing with new Christmas blocks.

Tues: Grey is a little snow-puppy. // Wed: Picking out fabric for Baby Boy's quilt.

 Thurs: Sledding with Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher. The boys had so much fun, they cried the whole way home.

 Friday: We built a snowman. Grey named him "Brother Bear," like the Berenstein Bears.

Sat: Taking the tree to the curb. Goodbye Christmas, hello gray-January.

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1 comment:

Casey said...

Wait....are you allowed to talk about Mary getting married now?!?!? haha