Thursday, February 13, 2014

Conversations with Two-Year Olds

The picture above is the photographic stylings of Grey Pitcher. He figured out how to work the timer on my DSLR and made Micah and I pose for about 100 photos. They're almost all out of focus, but I find I don't mind. Oh, my little boys. I love them.

On Sunday after church, Micah slipped on the ice (twice) and scraped his nose and cheek. For the next two days, anytime I suggested that we go outside he would beg, "Please! Stay in the house where it's safe!" If I insisted, he would demand, "Don't go in the backyard! The ice will give you blood on your nose."
When we finally went outside, he set to work with his little shovel, scraping the last dregs of ice off our driveway, all the time saying, "I'll clean up all the ice, so our family is safe and no one gets a bloody nose," and holding up scoopfuls of slush and asking, "You see this ice? You see this bloody  ice?"

A few nights ago, the boys were in their room at bedtime, talking loudly.
Micah said "Grey! You like some milk?"
"Yes! I do. You like milk?"
"Yes. Do you like to eat Apple Jacks?"
"Hey!" I called, "Please quiet down!"
"But Mom!" said Micah, "I'm talking to Grey, what he likes to eat!"

It's so funny to hear their little conversations, especially when they don't know I'm listening. I snuck to their bedroom to hear them whispering yesterday after a long period of suspicious silence.
"Come out to the kitchen and play," Micah whispered.
"No way!" whispered Grey, "Mom will take it away!"
When I opened the door, I found Grey holding a curtain rod and Micah holding a toolbox.
Yeah. I'm taking these away.

We were outside exploring and FAR from a bathroom when Grey started screaming that he needed to pee. I let him pee behind a tree, so Micah immediately announced that he had to pee behind a tree, too.
After a few seconds of standing outside with his pants down- he started whispering, "It's okay, little pee. Come on out, pee. You can come and be pee outside."

The boys are also really into playing "The Incredibles." They are both Dash, and can run "fast, fast, fast like whooooosh!" For some reason, the main enemy they fight are ants and bees. Well, actually, I'm sure it's because we've found some ants in our bathroom over the last few days. The boys sprint as fast as they can from room to room, yelling "INCREDIBLES!" and when they pull to a stop in each doorway they scream, "OH NO! More ants! Let's get 'em!" Ants are a pretty fearsome foe.
Well. Two more weeks of "Conversations with two-year olds," and then this silly weekly post will be called, "Conversations with THREE-year olds."
Crazy talk. Until then, enjoy:

Grey: Don't get burned!
Micah: I'm not.
Grey: Good, thank you! 'Cause, I love you!
Micah: I love you too, don't get burned either.

Me: I like your new haircut.
Grey: I look pretty!
Me: You do look very handsome.
Grey: Oh, don't say that please, I look pretty like you, Mom.

Grey: You have no muscles, because you have a baby there instead. But not everyone has babies in their bellies. Only you do.

**Sitting on a blanket in the grass with Grey, while Micah rides the scooter around us.**
Me: This is what we'll do all day in the summertime. I'll sit on a blanket with baby brother and we'll watch you run around.
Grey: Maybe you can just sit alone, so baby brother can run with us too.

Grey: You look pretty, Mom. You look so pretty like a temple.

Micah: A church! A church! A robot church. I don't want to go in the robot church. You don't want to go in a robot church either.

Micah: You're not going to be naked. You're going to be dressed up like a baby.

Micah: Hey, I'm not Grandpa Jim.
Grey: And I not Grandpa Mike.
Me: You're not? Who are you?
Grey: Big boys, named Grey and Micah. But we aren't Grandpas.

Grey: I was in your belly, and then I was born.
Me: That's right!
Grey: I went in your mouth, and down down down to your belly.
Me: Well, Mommies don't eat babies, the babies grow in their bellies.
Grey (suspiciously): Hhmmmmm. Okaaaay.

Me: When the baby is born, where will he sleep?
Micah: On the ground. If it rains, he'll get wet.

Grey: I want to wear sandals.
Me: Nope, sorry. It's still winter.
Grey: No! It's summertime!
Micah: Still snow, Grey. And no baby brother yet.
Grey: Siggggh. Still winter, I guess.

Me: Don't kiss me! Your face is covered in food and boogers!
Grey: I want to kiss you! I love to kiss you! I will make your face all dirty! Hahaha!

Micah: I can fly up, up, up to the sky and you can't reach me.

Grey: I don't like candy if it's alllll chocolate.

Grey: When will baby boy come out?
Travis: Wait! What's in there? A monster?
Grey: It's a baby boy!
Travis: A pineapple?
Grey: A baby boy!
Travis: A puppy?
Grey: ITS A BABY BOY, Dad!
Travis: Oh! A baby boy? When will it come out?
Grey: I don't know!

Micah: **Pats my stomach** This baby in here is Micah.
Me: Nope. You are Micah, this is baby brother.
Micah: No. It's Micah in there. Hello Baby Micah! All the babies in your belly are Micah and Grey.
Me: Micah and Grey were in my belly. But then you were born, right? And you came out and grew into big boys.
Micah: Hmm. No. I am still a baby in your belly. THIS baby.

Grey: I want to pick up trash in a little garbage truck.
Micah: I can have a garbage truck, too! A BIG garbage truck!
Grey: We can pick up all the trash for our work. What's your work, Mom?
Me: I work at home with you, remember?
Grey: You can work in Micah's big garbage truck if you want.
Micah: We can pick up trash together!


Micah: Mom, chickens can almost fly.

(Calling to each other from different rooms.)
Grey: Hey, Micah! What you doing?
Micah: I'm fishing!
Grey: You're alright in there fishing?
Micah: I'm okay! Are you okay out there?
Grey: I'm okay, thanks!

**Pretending to talk on the phone to Travis' business partner.**
Grey: Hi Joe, no. Daddy can't come to work right now. He's playing with me. Sorry, bye!

Micah: I have to pee!
Me: You don't, you already peed twice. Get in bed.
Micah: I do!
Me: Then pee in your pants, you can't come out of your room again.
Micah: Oh no! Uh oh, Mom. My pee is coming out. Here it comes! I'm going to pee!
Me: Are you really going to pee in your pants or can you go to bed now?
Micah: Siggggghh. I guess I can go to bed and not pee.

**After naps**
Grey: Mom, while I was asleep, a snake came out! He came and he looked into my blue eyes and then... He went inside.

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Lana said...

You should get ahold of a child development textbook. Some of the things your boys say have really significant developmental ties- which is fascinating. For instance, Micah may not just be acting silly when he says that he is the baby in your belly. I can't quite remember what is happening developmentally but it's something to the effect of not being entirely separate persons from you or from other family members. Like he doesn't understand that you don't know/think/see everything that he knows/things/sees because those thoughts/actions are independent from who did them, they are solid truths to him so of course you would know them. I can't remember the terminology or think of all of the things, but some of the conversations made me remember my child development class at BYU. Early Childhood development is super fascinating.