Monday, February 17, 2014

Photo a Day: Feb 9 - 15

This week, I feel like I hardly had my camera out - but I still managed to get a lot of pictures I really loved. I think the blame is partially on the weather. The weather this week was gray and drizzly- almost without break. But it was also pretty warm. Warm enough that we spent lots of time outside, enjoying the overcast lighting (perfect for pictures!). 
Or, maybe I should say, the boys spent a lot of time outside, and I spent a lot of time sitting in my front window, occasionally shouting "Stay in our front yard, please!" so that I didn't have to face the outdoors. It isn't the rain or cold that I mind, so much as having to choose between staying on my feet (which gets more exhausting every day) and sitting on a blanket in the damp grass. 

I'll choose to sit inside, wrapped in a blanket, thanks very much. 

 Sunday: After church, the boys helped their Daddy build a very impressive castle. // Monday: Micah and a balloon.

 Tuesday: We welcomed Travis' sister Noelle home from a long church mission! This is the only photo I managed to get- but it pretty much says it all. We're glad that she's home, but maybe no one is quite as glad as her Mom! // Wednesday: Out for a walk in the rain with my three favorite boys.

Thursday: Everywhere Grey goes, his dog Riley goes too. Grey asked me to take a picture of them together, and this is how he wanted to pose. // Friday: Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday: At the park with my handsome Micah boy.

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