Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's 6am.
I spent the day yesterday huddled in the house despite the perfect weather while my kids fought to keep down herbal tea and asked me to rub their backs. We watched like 4 movies.
15 minutes ago, lying in the dark on the boys' room (Micah is in bed with Travis), Grey said "Mom, hey Mom! I pooped my pants!"
He sounded pretty perky and excited about it. A few minutes after we were back in bed he said, "Now I'm choking up!"
"No you're not. You're trying to get out of going back to bed. Stay here. Go to sleep."
Luckily, he ignored me. He got up, ran to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet.
Well. Day two of the flu has begun, I guess.
What a treat.

Grey just asked, "Can we go outside?"
"But I need to see the stars."
"You can look out the window."
"What's your baby doing?"
"He's still asleep, too? Because it's dark out. I don't have to be asleep."
"Apparently not."
"Hey! What's my belly doing? It's moving?"
"It's probably gurgling a little because you're sick."
"Hmm. And my ears! They making a noise! Why they making that noise, Mom?"

No child has ever been more pleased about throwing up, accidental diarrhea, a gurgling stomach, and ringing ears.

Dang. Now he's going to make me read the Paul Bunyan graphic novel that is currently his favorite book. When obviously I would rather ignore him and type out this blog post under the covers, on my phone- pretending to be asleep.
I'm not asleep.
Also, neither are any of my three children.

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1 comment:

MARCIE said...

Another exciting day. Such strange animals you are raising. :)