Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photo a Day: April 20 - 26

What a week! Here are pictures and minimal words, because my baby is ready to eat. Although you wouldn't know it, based on his crying. He's just making little sad puppy noises.
He's the nicest boy in the world. 
Don't get used to daily posts. 
I may or may not be back this week. 

 Easter Sunday: One last family picture before August

 Monday: Blowing dandelion fuzz. // Tuesday: Spring is in the air.

Wednesday: The birthday of my beautiful boy.

 Thursday: Our first family picture of five.

Friday: Big brother Grey and his new little brother. // Saturday: My little round-faced boy.

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like mother like daughter said...

beautiful pics. I especially love the whole family of 5 pic. so precious!

Unknown said...

I can never get enough of these beautiful pictures on your post. Great post.