Friday, May 16, 2014


Yesterday, as my baby lay in the light from the window, I was reminded of pictures I took of Grey and Micah almost three years ago exactly. Grey and Micah were scrawny little preemies, so when they were about two months old- they were about the size August is now at three weeks (a bit over 10 pounds). 
Sometimes I'm amazed at how different this boy looks than Grey and Micah, and sometimes I think he looks so similar to his brothers. Haha, I guess that's probably how most mothers feel about siblings. So what do you guys think? I spent way too long creating these comparison shots, so you better appreciate them and comment your thoughts!

(A note: August looks SO BROWN in the above picture, but it's a trick of the lighting - not a bad case of jaundice! He is colored differently than his brothers, though. Grey and Micah are pink skinned, and August has more olive coloring.)

And because he's cute, and I have a hard time selecting only a few, here are some more pictures of my cute August Boy:

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Carol said...

Yep, different but similar. Brothers!!

The Jacksons said...

In the picture of them yawning and then the picture right below that one, with Grey, I think they all look alike! August just has a little more of an upturned nose than his brothers. Definitely brothers though! August is seriously darling..I could eat him for breakfast.

kristen_lavalley said...

Totally different! But what a squishy!! I love him.

MARCIE said...

August always looks so concerned, but maybe he has reason with two big brothers looming over. He will be his own little self. i still look at my kids and wonder who resembles whom.

Unknown said...

their eyes look the most different to me.

Casey said...

Becky, I cannot get enough of this child!! I thought he was their spitting image when he was born. But he looks so different now, I feel. But he is so dang cute, as are your other boys!