Friday, September 12, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

Every morning we ask Grey, "What did you dream about last night?" Some answers include:
Climbing walls and mountains with Daddy. It was DANGEROUS!
I got my hair cut at Tabby's and then I put it on August's head for this own new hair.
I was with the firemen on a truck with a ladder. It was a firetruck! And we went to a house that burned down and I was a fighting man and helped to climb the ladder and stop the fire. Then I jumped to the couch like this! And then I jumped all everywhere!

Grey likes to say, "Tell me about that, Mom." Usually it's about something he sees around him. He might say, "Firefighters carry axes. Tell me about that, Mom." Or today he asked, "We keep our food in the fridge. Tell me about that."
His favorite topic though starts like this, "Mom, tell me about owls eat mice."
Sometimes I'll spend several minutes explaining how owls can see when it's dark, so they catch animals in their talons as they scurry home for bed and when I finish he'll say, "I didn't hear you. Can you tell me about it again?"

Micah showed me a picture of George Washington and said "This is me when I am a big man. BATMAN."

Grey dug up an earthworm in the yard and said, "There you are worm! I've been looking every where for you."
Then he laid him down on his blanket and tucked him in. 

A long-haired student walked by  us while we were outside, and Grey yelled, "Hi! Hi!"
When the guy didn't respond, Grey said "Him is Tarzan. Tarzan can't talk either, so him is Tarzan, I guess."
(Then he said, "Mom, tell me about Tarzan can't talk.")

Katie: I want to go to Claire's! (The store)
Grey: You can't go to Claire's! Her is my best- well... No. Her's NOT my best friend. Elanor and Micah are my best friends.

Micah: Laughing makes me happy!

Micah: Are there hotdogs at Costco?
Me: Yes.
Micah: Grey and Micah want hotdogs too, silly girl!

Me: G for Giraffe.
Grey: No. G is for Grey.
Me: Well, G is the sound for giraffe, too.
Grey: No. Let's say, F is for Giraffe and G is for Grey.

Me: Grey, is that pee?
Grey: No. It's just water.
Me: Okay, are you sure?
Grey: Yeah! Just water from my penis.

Grey: I just want some strawberries, lots a berries, blueberries and red berries.

Micah: Are you even done cleaning yet?!
Me: Nope. You're too messy.
Micah: Hey. Never say that again.
Me: You ARE messy. It's not an insult.
Micah: It IS in-sult... lake city.
Me: What?
Micah: It's in Salt Lake City?

Grey: I want to be alone.
Micah: Me too!
Grey: I mean, I want to be alone without you.
Micah: I want to be alone WITH you. Because you're my best friend.
Grey: Oh, fine.

Micah: Dance, mom! Dance! You got married!

Micah: I want to have a big gun like you do, Mom.

Grey: Look out! Here comes a man named John. John in the city will beat my Mom!
Micah: NO! I will beat him first!
Grey: Let's beat that John!

Grey: I am hungry and that's why I am dying.
Micah: I am starving and dying too.

Grey: If I eat this all gone, can I have a little wrestle?

Grey: I feel frustrated with myself, but I don't need any help.

Micah: I want to play in a big park like a dumptruck.
Me: I don't know of any parks like that.
Micah: You do know of one, it's here in Salt Lake City!

Grey: Look! An umbrella for raining! You put it up and say, "Tick tock! Looks like raining!"

Grey: That girl is pretty, but you are the most pretty though.

Micah: I'm just making so many things in here and don't need help. I'm making a peanut butter and honey and don't need help.

Me: It's naptime.
Micah: I WANT TO SLEEP WITH THESE CLOTHES ON. **Batman and Robin pjs**
Me: They are pajamas, so that's fine.
**Grey starts giggling hysterically and fist pumping with excitement.**

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MARCIE said...

I love that Tarzan comment! I keep laughing about that. What a clever little Grey!