Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photo a Day: Aug 18-30

I think it's been made pretty clear that lately I am not doing so hot at the taking pictures or writing words.
I have lots of excuses, including (but not limited to): sick children, lack of sleep, lack of camera, traveling across states, a husband returning from abroad, a holiday, and a book I'd really like to read in my spare time.
You may recall that I didn't even post a photo a day last week either, but that's because I didn't take a photo every day last week. I did take some photos, though. So I share them here today with this week's photos, which also (you guessed it) are mostly of my baby. Ah, well.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place.

 The boys and their aunt Katie, and the boys and their Uncle Jack. I love both these pictures so much!

 Scaling mountains.

 Reunited with their daddy!

 Micah and August are the best of brother-friends.

Tuesday: We are still so fully immersed in summer, despite my being ready for fall. // Wednesday: Studying the map of the Hundred Acre Woods.

 Thursday: August showing off his two new tricks, sitting up by himself and holding toys! // Friday: Micah showing off his new trick, a headstand!

Saturday: In the mountains with my boy.

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