Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Photo a Day: September 14 - 20

Yes. The days are mislabeled. Just accept it and don't worry about it. I only ever notice when I'm uploading them on to the blog and by that point, I'm not changing anything. 
When I think about a collection of perfect pictures from each of my kids' childhoods, there are specific pictures that I dream of. 
Pictures of them in their Christmas pjs, jumping into a pile of leaves, maybe covered in frosting from a birthday cake. 
All cliche. Almost all of them have been attempted and "failed" in the sense that they are not how I pictured and they are imperfect. But I love them anyway. These are my kids, this is our life. I have a pile of perfectly imperfect photos that I love. But this week, I snatched another picture that I'd been dreaming of. 
A few weeks before August was born, I wandered into the Baby Gap and found a little shirt with A is for Awesome on it. 
We were planning on naming the baby August, so I bought it for that big letter A. When I bought it, I pictured in my mind a photo of him. Black and white, grinning at the camera, sitting up on his own, wearing that shirt. 
When he actually came along, he was huge. I was a bit broken hearted that he definitely would outgrow the shirt before he managed to sit up. But I was wrong! Yes, the shirt is too small, and probably will be retired to the Baby Clothes Box this week. But just before we tucked it away, I got the picture I was dreaming of. It's going up on the wall, guys. And probably the cover of his baby book. 

 Sunday: Micah and Aunt Noelle. We love Aunties around here. // Monday: Micah cheering the baby up.

Tuesday: Salted Caramel Apple Pie. (I loved it, but would probably use half the caramel. It was too sweet and too runny.)

 Wednesday: Brother's first time in the swing. Luckily, he had a sweet girl to push him.

 Thursday: A trip to the farm with our friends. I love that they're all crowded up there together.

Friday: A hike up Provo Canyon, and the leaves were a'turning! // Saturday: A is for August.

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Emily said...

We got an "A for amazing" shirt for my 3.5 year old, Alice. It's all shiny and silver just like a little girl would want! Hooray for 'A' names!