Monday, October 27, 2014

Photo a Day: October 19- 25

You guys, I love fall. I love it.

Sunday: Micah Pitcher, knee-high by the fourth of July, and taller than my waist by mid-October.

Monday: Slamming bananas (into his own face) and sporting a scratch that he probably gave himself. // Tueday: Breaking our no-screens rule to learn about the extremely important Great Pumpkin

 Wednesday: Oh hey. I got a Stich Fix box, so I did some modeling for my husband. Here is one of the few that doesn't look totally awkward. // Thursday: Six months! Six months!

 Friday: A fall walk through the cemetery.

Saturday: Grey got a light-up sword on our "date" and Travis had fun letting the boys go crazy with it in front of the camera.

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