Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"In the fall, everybody falls down. Even the leaves!"

I love how much attention these boys pay to their little brother. He always has someone entertaining him, even if I am busy elsewhere. One more point for big families. :)

This morning, two happy, warm little bodies bounded into our room, singing "Good Morning, Mom! Good Morning, Daddy! Wake up! Look out your window, it's a beeeeeautiful day!"
It was hard to be annoyed by the early hour and lack of sunshine when my boys were so delighted by waking up.
"Come, come look outside your window!" they kept begging. "There's a surprise outside, Mom!"
"Is there snow?" asked Travis.
"Nope! All the leaves are blown away!"
And so they were! All of the beautiful, golden leaves from our tree had fallen in the night.
"Now it's a scary Halloween tree," said Grey.
So we only got one good day of playing outside in the sunshine under a tree of golden leaves.
Luckily, we got a few pictures of the last days of fall. It seems like we are finally headed into winter.
And I don't mind! I love, love wintertime in November, December, and January. It's those February and March months when I feel a grudge towards the billowing snow or howling wind.
So before the snow pictures take over (I have high hopes!), here are some pictures of us under our golden mallorn, while it lasted.

 I really need to give up the dream of pictures where they're all smiling. I guess it's okay. I love the first pictures more anyhow. These are three sweet boys I've got, even if sometimes they drive me bonkers.

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Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

I have four boys ages 10 months to 6 years and I have found the only way to get them to all look at the camera is to have multiple shots in rapid succession. By the fourth or fifth click even the baby at least looks!