Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Days

I love having my kids on a schedule. If we eat and sleep at the same time every day- it leaves a lot more opportunity to have fun and even be spontaneous during the day- because I know when my kids will be happy and ready to play!
I think one of the reasons that I particularly struggled around August's three month mark was because he wasn't yet on a schedule of any kind and Grey and Micah were in the process of giving up all daytime sleeping. So not only were they extra crabby and exhausted- I was losing that precious hour of alone time that I depended on!
Only when August's naps finally started to regulate themselves did I realize how much I loved a napping child- and I reinstated quiet time at our house.
Let's just say, things have been much smoother with a schedule!

Micah is winking at you, so you understand that you should take this schedule with a big grain of salt.

So, because I am nosey and like to know weird information like this about other people, I thought you might like to see what our daily schedule looks like.
(Keeping in mind, of course, that I have three kids who do whatever they want and ruin my constantly-evolving schedule all the time.)


6:30- August often wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep for another hour. Most mornings, I get up and read scriptures for a while and start breakfast

7:30ish- Boys wake up. They usually all wake up between 7 - 8am, and slowly make their way to kitchen to eat. There's a lot of snuggling in our bed first, and trying to coax their Daddy into wakefulness. Travis doesn't usually leave for work until about 9, so we spend the first hour and a half of the day together eating and getting ready.

9:00- Travis leaves for work, and we all screw around for a while. I probably give August a bath if he had an especially messy breakfast.

10:00- August takes his morning nap. If I didn't get a chance during the morning, I might take a shower. Then we do "school." School consists of a project of any kind. The boys just like to call it school. Sometimes we make playdough or paint, sometimes we watch YouTube videos of chickens being killed, sometimes we make shields and color pictures of knights. There's no real rhyme or reason to it. 

Noon- August usually wakes up around 12, and we eat lunch and play. Since he's awake now, I try to get us all outside on a walk or something. Often we'll play at the park or with friends for a few hours.


2:00-3:00ish- Whenever August goes down for his afternoon nap, the boys also take "quiet time" in their room. They don't have to sleep, but about every other week they fall asleep accidentally. I use the time to eat lunch, blog, try to clean a little and prep for dinner. This usually lasts about 40 minutes. I know, because I force them to stay in their room long enough for me to watch an entire episode of Gilmore Girls or Doctor Who.
Mama needs some quiet tv time!

After 3:30- We usually play with our friends or go outside again. This is another time that we try to run errands, like visiting the library.

4:30- Unless it was a long-cooking meal, like something in the crock pot, I usually start dinner now. Sometimes the boys help, but often they play with the baby instead, and I get some more alone time in the kitchen. I really like cooking, so this is a nice moment for me.


5:30-6:00- Travis usually comes home in here, and we eat dinner. I've been trying to limit the boys snacks after two, so by the time 5:30 rolls around they are starving.

7:30-8:00ish- BEDTIME! The biggest benefit to the boys having no naps is that they're usually ready for bed by 7:30! Amazing! And with it getting darker, its even less of a fight to get them into bed.

After 9:30- You guys. Sometimes I go to bed at 8, the moment I'm sure my kids are asleep. But I usually get to bed closer to ten. Then I get to sleep for three hours and be woken by a baby. And then again! And then again! And that's when my day starts.
Someone tell this adorable baby to start sleeping through the night, please.

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Nana B said...

A fuller tummy often helps that sleeping longer. If you haven't already tried it, give him a little solid food just before you put him down later in the evening.