Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Good Line Grows Up

Four years ago, Travis and I embarked on an adventure together.
Travis started a small production company with our friend Joe.
Really, I suppose it wasn't my adventure as much as theirs. My name wasn't on any contracts, I didn't negotiate with business contacts.
But I was there, sitting in on many planning meetings in our living room- tossing potential company names back and forth, talking about branding and music. I went on film trips, met nearly all the new clients. I went to Kenya and Uganda to help film, holding a boom mic and helping interviewees relax and laugh before The Good Line even existed. I went on camping trips with my husband and non-profit groups when he was "free lance." For everything that happened, I was there.
It was during a late night business planning meeting that I went into labor with Grey and Micah, and once they were born- the boys and I took daily walks to Travis' tiny, new office a few blocks away.

Helping their Daddy assemble furniture in the Good Line's new office. 

I told Travis recently, I feel like a mother watching her baby become a teenager. Move off to college.
The Good Line has changed and grown so much in four years. From just Travis and Joe to an office full of people, from a handful of mostly poor-paying jobs they didn't love - to the jobs they dreamed of taking. I'm not going on any trips anymore, because it wouldn't be Travis and I in a hotel room- it would be Travis and I and three other employees in a hotel room (plus at least one of my kids!)
I don't know most of the clients. I don't even see most of the videos they're making.
Travis isn't even making them all. When we take occasional trips to the office, we aren't just there to distract Daddy and provide a little break to the men- suddenly we are distracting (and probably annoying) 10 working people.
Things happen and change and move in the Good Line and I'm no longer in the mix, I'm another spectator. It's very bizarre for me, and sometimes hard. I want to be excessively involved in every aspect of my husband's life. I want to know all the tiny details about this company that was created on my couch. But it's growing up. It's left the nest. And I am so, so proud and amazed by what The Good Line has become and what Travis and Joe have done. I love those two men and this company.
So three years ago, Travis and Joe created a reel. A video that was a few minutes long, of all their best shots, and Joe narrated it beautifully- talking about the idea behind the company. The stories they want to tell, emotions they want to stir, "The most sincere thread of communication: truth without manipulation. The Good Line."
I've watched it dozens of times, and every time I watch it, I cry. (I'm a crier.) I used to watch it and think, "Man. My husband is so good at what he does, this is the most beautiful video I've ever seen," but recently, as I watched it I've thought "Huh. Something is missing here, this isn't as Good as it ought to be."
Because a lot has changed in the last three years. The videos have gotten better and more beautiful, more powerful. The people they film are more interesting, and their stories more compelling, the locations more wide spread and exotic.
For months I've been waiting for this new reel. This updated story of The Good Line. And now it's here. And of course, Joe nailed the narration again. So get ready to cry (or maybe that's just me.)
The Good Line is all grown up. Please watch and then hold on to your hats, because tomorrow they're starting an AMAZING giveaway.

Reel November 2014 from The Good Line on Vimeo.

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Jude said...

Amazing video! It gave me chills. I recognized the song immediately, would you happen to know if was a cover or an alternate version by the original artist?

Becky Pitcher said...

Yeah, it's a cover by Micah Dahl Anderson. He's an amazingly talented composer.