Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day

It has come and gone. I wrote nothing meaningful or beautiful about my own mother, nor did I have any revelations about my own journey as a mother. This year, I got nothin'.
Except, I do have these three tiny people and -goodness! I love them!
Foolishly, every single year I try to coax my husband and children into taking a Mother's Day picture.
And every single year, it basically falls on it's face.
This year, Travis captured this gem:

He keeps saying that it is his favorite picture. The best picture he's ever taken. The pinnacle of his photography career. Etc.
Sometimes Motherhood feels (and looks) like this:
Oh my gosh, these kids.
I look at photos of me with baby twins and literally think, "How did I do that? How did I survive?" and I get retroactively stressed and panicked.
But I rarely felt that way at the time.
I suspect I'll look back on this photo one day and feel that way. Am I crazy to think I can do this somehow? Probably yes. Probably not.

But let me tell you how good motherhood is at this exact, particular moment:
My kids are playing in their room.
All of them. Together.
No one is crying and everyone is alive because I can hear all of them talking.
They are not fighting.
They have been in there for ONE HOUR.
One entire hour. Together. Including the baby!
I knitted! I ate lunch! I wrote on my blog!
I absolutely under no circumstances am going in to check on them, because that would break the magic spell.
I am sure that their room is getting destroyed. (WORTH IT.)

I am actually quite tempted to sneak out on to the roof and peek through their outside window to see what's happening in there.

What a blessing to have a ringside seat an important role and hand in helping these children become men. In teaching them to love and cherish each other. In watching their friendship blossom, their curiosity and interest in the world.
And dang. My baby is crying.
Well. It lasted a long time.
Maybe tomorrow it will be an hour and fifteen minutes.

Ah. Grey just told me that they've all been secretly taking turns on the iPad.
So, okay.
That's what Motherhood is really like.
Ooooh. Now they're claiming that they were actually taking turns reading books.
I'm feeling quite suspicious.
Yeah. Whatever. These people.
I like them, but they're stinkers.
Motherhood, yo.
This post kind of sums it up perfectly for me.

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MARCIE said...

Cute stuff Becky! These boys are so funny and adorable! And so are you!

Mary said...

Adorable photo!

Nana B said...

I like the middle photo the best, it looks the most real.