Monday, June 15, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 24

Getting my yearly photo book always encourages me to take pictures again. This week, I took lots of pictures of our little moments. I decided to include two photos of each boy, since I missed a couple weeks back there. These photos tell so much about our summertime life and my three little boys. I love them. 


Grey wiped out hard when running down the sidewalk. Luckily his dad was there to comfort him, and Grey was more than willing to oblige when I needed a picture of his wound. 

Grey also found some quiet time to sit and sew for a few minutes this week. They don't really have the patience for things like this, but I love that they want to try. They love doing whatever Mom does. 


Every single morning the boys get dressed which is silly. Because throughout the day, they get wet, hot, dirty, and end up in their underwear. Everyday.

We went on a hike with the boys on the weekend, and Micah dressed like a little member of the Fellowship. He even picked up a Hobbit-sized walking stick along the way. 


My happy little man. We had a night all to ourselves on Friday, as Travis was working and Grey and Micah went to Grandma's house for a special sleepover. I love playing with this bright little baby.

August loves pushing anything he can, but especially strollers. He pushes this up and down our sidewalk and driveway and down the street every time he thinks he can get away with escaping. 

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Mary said...

I like your little hobbit