Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Conversations

Micah: I was trying to go to sleep in the dark, but I couldn't. I had a pandic attack. I had two dreams when I was awake. One, our house was gone and we had to live outside. Two, SHARKS! They came in our house.... Three, the sharks had guns.

Micah: How did you think of that? Did it just come to you, in your mighty brain?
Me: Umm..
Micah: I have a mighty brain, do you know what that means? It means my brain is small, but I can think a lot.

Micah: Mother, You talk in a beautiful language.
Grey: You sound like a bird.
Micah: But I wish you sounded normal.

Grey: I live on a farm with my step-uncle and aunt. I have to milk a cows' milk into a bottle and then drink it.
Travis: What else could you do with a bottle?
Grey: You could put breast milk into it for a baby.
Travis: Could you catch a fairy in a bottle?
Grey: Maybe. If I lived in a forest, but I don't. I live on a farm.

Me: If you could have any wish, what would it be?
Micah: I would wish for ALL the cake.

Micah: Mom, your job is to grow babies and build blanket forts.

Micah: Mom, I am ready to learn about fruits and vegetables and plants and growing.
Me: Um. Okay. What do you want to know?
Micah: Let's start with tomatoes. Tell me everything.

Grey: I would like to live in a mountain house.
Micah: You mean a cabin?
Grey: Yes.
Micah: Me too.
Grey: What kind of cabin do you want? In the mountains, or on the edge of a pond?
Micah: A mountain cabin that IS by a pond, so we could swim and hike all day.

Micah (peeing into a bush): OooWee! It's shooting off like a firework!

Micah: Is that a secret garden?
Grey: No! It's a powerful force garden!

Grey: Mom. Stop. Focus on making my sandwich.

Me: Micah!
Micah: Don't call me that! I'm Super Princess Leia!

Grey (looking through binoculars): I can't see him! That little droid is going to get me into a lot of trouble. We better go look for him in the morning. I wonder if he went to find old Ben Kenobi.
Micah: You mean Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Grey: What? No. I mean, old Ben Kenobi. He lives over on the other side of the mountain.

Micah: I keep having bad dreams!
Me: About what?
Micah: Monsters.
Me: Oh, well monsters aren't real, honey. You know that.
Micah: But spiders are real.
Me: But spiders are so little. They're titchy, but they can't hurt you in real life.
Micah: Their webs can catch you. And they wrap you up.
Me: No, the webs aren't strong enough. You don't need to be afraid of spiders.
Micah: Giant monster spiders have webs that are strong enough. They're strong like ropes and the spiders are even bigger than us, like in Lord of the Rings.
(Note: The boys have NOT seen LOTR- they heard me read most of the book aloud and have played the LOTR Legos video game, but it's been months!)

Grey: I can't do imagination very well today. But I can use my brain to think other things. 
Micah: I can use my brain to think and to dream, but dreams are on the top of your head and thinking is in the middle of your head. 
Grey: I guess I can do awake-dreams today. 

Grey: That's funny! That's hilarious!
Me: What does hilarious mean, do you know?
Grey: I don't know, super funny. Ha! I said, "I don't know, super funny." Because I did know, it means super funny. But I said "I don't know." THAT is hilarious.

Micah: What are these dots on your legs?
Grey: Nipples and nickels.
Me: No. Freckles.

Grey: My moms breasts can make milk, but they aren't making any now, because she doesn't have a baby that needs milk. That's pretty amazing. My breasts can't make milk.


Polly said...

My favorite is that the boys wished you talked normal and that Grey told you to focus on making his sandwich. That is so funny.

MARCIE said...

THAT is hilarious! Love it all!