Monday, January 23, 2012


Do babies outgrow the need to put everything in sight straight into their mouths?
My children tear up grass, pick up rocks, and and grab fistfuls of wood chips, and all of it goes right into their mouths... and much of it heads on down to their belly.
Sometimes I give up.
Sometimes (Friday) I say, "Maybe if I let you eat these wood chips, then you will realize that it's not food, so sure - go at it. Eat up."
And boy, do they!
So I only let it go on for a few minutes.
Plus then another mom was like "Um, your baby just laid face-down on the ground and starting licking up wood chips," and I was like "Whatever.... I mean. Oh, erm, Stop that, you. How could you?! Don't eat those wood chips (where other adults can see you and judge me.)"
Good parenting.

Oh, and when we got home Micah threw up a little.
And then we were in the yard, and I got distracted and a neighbor dad said "Hey, just so you know, one of your kids was eating handfuls of dirt... but I didn't stop him."
Oh yeah. I don't either. Whatever.

And if you're wondering, these pictures were edited with HoneyBee Actions. I used PennyLane (the b/w) and My Only Sunshine.

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Angela said...

They DO outgrow it, but it helps if Mom/Dad/Caregiver doesn't allow them to do it. Don't get me wrong or misunderstand me please. They're your kids. Do what you wanna do. :-)

I had a class full of "Young Ones" when I taught daycare and it was a constant battle keeping things out of their mouths, but it's worth it. Eating dirt won't hurt them as much (except high iron can cause issues) but rocks and wood chips can destroy their esophagus, stomach linings, bowels, etc. Plus there's that whole choking hazard thing...

If I had this issue with the little boy I nanny for, I wouldn't let him do it. I'd constantly feel like I was chasing my tail, but I still wouldn't let him eat rocks/wood chips. A little grass/dirt wouldn't hurt him, though...


Mary said...

I love the one of grey looking right at the camera.

Krystle said...

My 3 year old still does! But I think that may be because he's watching his little brothers put everything in their mouths.