Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday -instalove

This is a love poem to my iPhone, titled: Holycrap, I am obsessed with you: I take too many pictures.

Grey on the swing // Micah on the swing // Grey pointing at dogs, he wanted to follow them // he did follow them.

Grey doing headstands

Grey being a ham

Brother love, Micah on the left, Grey the right

 Brother love // Jumping on the bed // Grey eating breakfast // I hope their food goes to their thighs.

Morning snuggles with Micah // too cold to play in the kiddie pool outside // playing with daddy // on a walk with handsome Travis

Baby ducks // a pretty walk // happy boys (Micah, Grey)  // Travis and Micah

Micah's favorite book is I Speak Dinosaur! He makes us read it to him a million times a day.

Then he reads it to himself.

Grey sleeps // Micah sleeps // filling up the coin jar // exploring with Grandpa

Micah and Grandma Carol // Micah and Grandpa Dave // Grey under the bridge // Grey found a gate to rattle!

SWINGS! // doing puzzles // Grey // Utah skies

Micah's fake smile // playing in sprinklers with Travis // Swings some more // happy breakfast boys (Grey, Micah)

Silly face contest, Grey and Micah.

Pool fight!

 Micah posing for the camera // duck pond // fighting for that bar // Micah gives me sugar

Micah and mama // Boys on a walk for fro-yo (Grey, Micah)

Our new car! // Grey makes this face a lot // mooching food from Charne // Grey picks flowers

Grey has crazy hair // the boys at Sunflower // Grey in the car // Micah in the car

Grey is too cute for words

Micah is back there signing for food // the boys take a ride, (Micah, Grey) // Micah digs // Grey does yard work

Spying on the neighbors and eating rocks while mama watches

Grey on the scooter // Micah with a ... wand ... ? // Micah loves the ringstacker // Micah steals Grey's food

 Grey and Micah on the way to church // playing in the drinking fountain // sitting on the couch (Micah in the foreground) // Micah tries to put on sunglasses. But it's hard!

Parenting is easy.

 Baby thighs! // shopping at the outlets // reading books on the iPad // in the foyer at church (where noisy babies go.)

Sometimes, my twins look like twins. Grey then Micah.

Baby wranglers // the orchard before pictures // sitting outside // playing in the nice weather

Fighting, probably // Boy genius Grey reads many books at once // Micah is seriously obsessed with this book // he carries it around whilst growling

Grey looks cute in a bonnet // eats strawberries

Micah is a silly goofball.

 Grey hates his adorable hat.

 Bathpaint: when bath needs to last an hour. Micah in the background. // Grey gets painted // watching TV from a safe distance // Grey loves the scooter.
Sponeneous "SO BIG!"s break out (Grey, Micah, Micah, Grey)

Micah checks under the hood // Grey refuses delicious pancakes // playing at the library // Grey helps push the stroller.

I take back what I said before! You can never have too many pictures!

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T said...

Try the VSCO CAM app. It is worth the cost and you will die and go to heaven. Also, those are some cuuuute babies you got yourself there!!

Anonymous said...

I looove the picture of you four on the scooter. You really do make parenting look easy :)

Katie said...

Becky, I may have missed a link somewhere for questions... I hope you don't mind me asking here! Your boys are almost the same age as my son and I'm just wondering if you're finding this new stage of being a "toddler" difficult? I've been having a blast with my little guy, but we have definitely entered the age of the tantrum. Many, MANY tantrums! If he doesn't like it, he lets me know it right away... LOUDLY. I was a little surprised since I thought it was "terrible twos" not "terrible ones" HA. Just wondering if you're finding the same and if so, how you're coping. I'd love some tips! It seems the more entertained he is, the better. Other than that, I'm lost!

Katie said...

Oh god. That was classic. I've found the link, right there at the top of the page... "contact"


M.Z. Buschman said...

Your boys are just irresistible! You definitely have too much fun with them :) I love the picture of "silly faces" where Micah's hair is perfectly brushed and Grey's hair is all messy.