Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Roughing it"

Okay. We weren't really "roughing it."
We were more like.... roasting prechewed hotdogs over an overly hot fire. 
But it was successful. 
Or rather, we all got food and had an fun time an okay time. 
Then the kids took up refuge in the car, where they crawled back and forth between the front and back seats and ignored Travis and me.  They pretty much hated nature. 

Whatevs, babies. You guys are sissies. 
In a year or two, this sort of thing will be much more fun. Although the boys did enjoy picking up sticks (and stones, and garbage) and throwing them it into the fire. 

Helping Dad build a fire. Such good boy scouts.

Every single hotdog of the evening was dipped in dirt or ashes... accidently of course, but... well, let's say they were gritty. 
But still very yummy. 

Hunchback Becky roasts herself a hotdog. 

Grey was obsessed with the marshmallows, and that second picture is of Grey having a meltdown while being forced to wait for his next marshmallow to cool down.  

"Please, Mom, give me more marshmallows! Give them to me!"

This boy is cute. I love him. 

Travis said, "Give this flower to Mama, tell her, 'Here is some sunshine for you.'"
Micah was happy to oblige.  

Hello, cutest family ever. 
I think I'll hang that picture up in our house. 
Pretty good for the self-timer, and having the camera propped on top of the car. 

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Aimee said...

Cute! We love camping and camp fires. And I can't wait to have babies to take them. Sorry your boys didn't love it. Still looked like fun!

Katie B said...

Love the first and last pictures with the mountains in them! I miss tall mountains!

Unknown said...

That looks so fun. Although we are in the Canary Islands, I would have loved to be there with you. James enjoys nature...and marshmallows.