About Us

Welcome to our blog!
Stories and pictures from our life, our home, Travis' travels, and the babies' explorations. We're a small family in living in the middle of Utah, with two happy boys Grey and Micah, a hard working artist daddy named Travis, and me.
I'm Becky.

I'm a stay at home mama, trying to excel at all things "motherly" and "homemakery" (real word, right?) although more honestly, I'm just trying to take pictures of my kids that hide how messy our apartment is.
I love a good book, warm soup, homemade quilts and homemade jam. I love deep lakes in the summer, powdery snow in the winter, and rainstorms in the spring and fall.
Our family is cute.
In fact, I think it's the cutest family in the world. Although, I will admit that I may be a tad biased.

My husband Travis is a documentary film maker, world traveler, photographer, musician and gardener, among other things. He is handsome, and smells very good. He is everyone's favorite person.
Even the babies'. Especially mine.

My boys are spunky, smart, and WAY too mobile.  Micah is curious and silly, he's always getting into mischief, and delights in opening cupboard doors and throwing himself from high places, to see if we'll get there in time to catch him.  He loves his brother, and spends equal amounts of time harassing Grey and trying to kiss Grey (which Grey also considers harassment.) He snuggles like nobody's business, and  makes everyone who sees him want to have babies asap.

Grey is so sweet and happy.  He rarely cries (although when he does, ooooh boy! Look out! He's a screamer!) and is always laughing, hugging, and kissing. He's careful and cautious, but still gets into just as much trouble as his brother (although he's more likely to try and fill the toilet bowl with toys than to get trapped in it himself.) Grey loves to play outside and will stand at the door and knock until you take him to the park, and he'd spend all day playing in the bathtub if we let him (and if Micah wasn't in there, splashing and taking his toys.)

These babies like long naps, Grandmas and Grandpas, and being naked. They like to carry around their "snuggle blankets," are easily hypnotized by stroller rides, and their favorite books are ones with real pictures in them.
They hate wearing shoes, eating "baby food," and riding in the car. They don't like to watch movies, sit still in church or have their diapers changed.
They fall asleep at night talking baby talk to each other.
It melts my heart, it's so freaking cute.