Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have an appointment today.
One of our first.

And we will get to listen to the baby's heartbeat.
We'll know for sure tonight if there's really a baby in there.

Or if not.
Which would not be ideal.

This is a photo by my sister Lisa, who is a photographer who lives much too far away in a place called Japan.
I hate that she is there.
I don't think she hates that she is there.

I admit that I am really scared. I'm scared they won't find a heartbeat.
I'm almost as scared that they'll find more than one and tell me I'm having twins or something. Yikes.
Is pregnancy always so scary?


Cameron said...

I hope everything went well. It was such a great experience to hear my son's heartbeat for the first time... Cried like a girl. It really makes it feel real (especially being the husband) when we can actually hear something going on. Good luck.

Chris said...

OK, you should all know since you are probably worried there was a beautiful heart beat. Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Unknown said...

And now you know : ) I had to go back and look at the start of your blogging. Love the last sentences in this one.