Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love Ikea. Especially the meatballs.
I admit, though, that last night was a little disappointing. The ridiculously expensive cottons were just not as cool as we'd hoped.
But I suppose if they were cooler we would have spent even more money than we did.
And we spent too much.

Travis brought the 7d and took some pictures of me browsing through fabric.
And this is the only sneak-peak of the fabric you get, since it's at the laundromat being washed as I type.
But soon enough you will see it made into very goofy, sloppy baby things.
And you will not be impressed by my ability to sew.


MARCIE said...

Yeah! I'm gonna love this blog!!!

Polly said...

Awesome pictures, Travis is so cool! my word verification says "bedintim"

DemiChild said...

Go Ikea! We got some fabric from there to make some curtains for the feng shui "health area" of our house.

Make those babies!
My blog is Daddyhack.net, and it's a parenting/family-life blog. It might interest you Rebeccah. Check it out!

-Neal from your Eng 326 class :)

suzie said...

I love how you guys are taking pictures of you buying fabric at ikea. Cutest parents ever. I can not believe I don't get to do any of this stuff with you.