Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A leaked secret

I love to talk about being pregnant.
Within the first 15 minutes of knowing I was pregnant, so did my parents and my sister Mary and my grandmother and soon after Travis's parents as well.
I tried to wait to tell more people, but I've been telling strangers and family members for almost a month.
And teachers, since I'm now a terrible student. I think they deserve an excuse.

But I have announced it officially on my blog (my other blog, the one's my friends read) and even facebook.
So now it's out there, and I can say things like "I have morning sickness" in front of my friends who aren't among the select few who I leaked my secret (accidentally.)

Tonight we went out for Chinese food for Lauren's birthday and Travis and I got the same fortune cookie, it said "You will have fun experiencing something new this weekend."
"Dang it!" I said, "I just wanted to go to the farmer's market and then sit around home, but we have to do something new."
A girl across the table said, "Well maybe you'll get pregnant."
And I got to say, "I already am!"
At which point she looked mildly uncomfortable. Maybe she was worried about all the MSG I'd taken in.
It was awesome.

That seems silly, but I'm sick of saying things like haha, maybe.
Actually, people suggest I'll get pregnant really frequently.
Or say, "When are you going to have a couple kids hanging around here?"
In six months we'll have at least one?
Or people I'm not friends with say things like "Do you have any kids? Are you trying?"
Umm, haha. No need to try at the moment...?

Lana knew we wanted a baby and asked every time she saw me, "So, are you pregnant?"
I managed to avoid her for almost two weeks after finding out, but as soon as I saw her again she asked.
I had to respond quickly with "Yes, but I am only telling you because you asked me directly and it's still a secret."

Soon after that, it was not a secret.
It's hard to tell one friend and not the rest.

And now every one knows.
Also, I linked my other blog and facebook to this, so if this is your first time to this blog: Welcome.
This blog was started for a class and I am graded on how many followers I get.
So please publicly follow my blog.
And leave me a comment every once and a while so I know who's really here reading.
Thanks, and stick around for some baby-making.


Tying the Knott said...

Congratulations Mrs. Pitcher!!! How exciting for you!! I am following your blog now, as I saw it on Facebook and you said "publicly follow my blog". I am very happy for you. I have heard that the time really flies!

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing picture Becky. <3 You, Heather.