Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dufus, Igzly and Fetus

This is our family of pumpkins.
There is one for each person in our family of humans:
This is Dufus (Travis' pumpkin), he is the dad of this Jack-o-lantern family.

Then is Igzly (my pumpkin). She is the mom. I learned that perfect circles are hard to cut when using a big knife.

And, of course, baby Fetus. Fetus doesn't have a face, because we don't know what he (or she, I guess) looks like.

What a happy family photo.
Also, we do not refer to OUR baby as "fetus," because fetus is kind of a gross word.
Baby is nicer.
But fetus is Halloween-appropriate.

*Edit: This morning we renamed Dufus because Travis says it's not a very nice name after all.

His new name is Bartsen.


David and Carol Pitcher said...

Dufus is one happy looking Dad! Cute family. We did the same thing when we were first married. Made a family of pumpkins that resembled family members then took a family portrait. Your picture turned out much better than ours however. Nice job!

Marge Bjork said...

it's made my day that you carved "fetus" into a pumpkin. This day is going to be great.

ritabobita said...

"fetus" is awesome. That picture made me chuckle for a few minutes. You are going to be a great mother!

Joy Kara said...

So cute!!