Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gold Ring Test

This is a picture which is unrelated to my post but which is awesome. It is my friend Suzie in Brooklyn with her baby who I love. I stole it off their family's blog without permission. (Crosstowntrains.blogspot.com)
I want to live in Brooklyn too, with Cole, Suzie and Elliot despite my baby's gender.
There. That's how this photo relates to this blog post. Click on the picture to see it in it's full awesomeness

My baby has a gender.
In fact, if she's a lady she already has millions of eggs in her tiny ovaries.
And if she's a boy she probably has a ... I just realized I'm still saying she so now this sentence is creepy and I'm stopping.

But what I mean is this, even though we won't find out the baby's sex for another month and a half (TOO LONG!) he/she is already either a boy or a girl.
And I want to know which like crazy!

So I can buy things, and plan for the future, and think of names that might actually be our baby's name.
And talk about the baby. Because I LOVE talking about being pregnant, but I do not love saying "it."
I usually say "he" because I'm an English major and it seems more grammatically correct than saying "she."
But also, I think the baby is a he.
Travis thinks the baby is a she.

Our friend Micah did the gold-ring test: you hold a gold ring over the pregnant lady's belly (mine) on a long string.
If the ring sways back and forth like a pendulum then he is a boy.
If the ring moves in a circle then she is a girl.

Micah has done the gold ring test for about 10 pregnant ladies and always been right. So I trust this highly scientific experiment.
Travis filmed it, but then accidentally deleted the footage! Can you believe him? So you have to read my account, instead of watching it - which would have been better.
First, the ring was perfectly still (and I was watching Micah's hand to make sure he didn't cheat) then it started to sway back and forth (BOY!) really fast and in long sweeping arcs.
"Holy COW!" Micah yelled, "your baby must be the most boyish boy ever."
He stopped the ring, and tried it again, to see if the results were the same, and once again the ring started moving in a wide fast arc back and forth over my belly.

Now we know.
(but not defiantly, positively since we haven't seen him) my baby must be a boy.
(Travis still thinks the baby is a girl. What a fool!)


Lana said...

Remember, I guessed boy as well, after I saw the precious blond boy outside who looked like your future son.

MARCIE said...

So glad to have that gender thing clarified!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind a boy! A cousin and play mate for baby peter (or what ever his name is.)

Elizabeth said...

Hey, if its a boy, we might be starting a trend! So cool!

mylittlehome6 said...

This never worked for me and a coworker. Mine predicted girl and hers predicted boy and we were backwards.