Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pie Making

Pie trumps cake in all aspects.
1. tastiness
2. attractiveness
3. festiveness/holiday-appeal
4. impressiveness when presented to a crowd

Pie wins in all important dessert-judging categories.
I have made two pies this week.
Pumpkin and peach (although arguably the peach was actually a cobbler) but I was too quick to dish them out and gobble them up, so you don't get photos.

But how proud am I that my 13 year-old brother has taken upon him the pie-making mantel?

This last weekend Jack made an apple pie and an Angel pie after watching several episodes of Pushing Daisies and feeling inspired.
Look how handsome he is and how delicious those pies look.
(This is my family blog where you can read Jack's own account of the pie-making.)

I love pie.
And all desserts.
And, actually, I love pies that are not dessert pies. Chicken pot-chicken pot-chicken pot piiiiie, anyone?
Do you have any delicious recipes to give me? I can (almost) promise to make them.


Elizabeth said...

That pie looks awesome! Way to go Jack! Learning to cook will go along way with the ladies later in life!

Jessica D. said...

Mmm... pie... I need to make some apple pie this weekend. Also, I love Pushing Daisies. I wish it hadn't been cancelled.

Polly said...

beckaaay mmmmmm those look good. and what a awesome guy baking them hmm. the pie trumping all is a very true thing. nothing is better than pie.
P.S. i plan on making that peach pie recipe you sent me very soon. i'll send you pictures so you can so you made them.
Love your favorite brother jack

Natasha and Jesse said...

Those look so good! One question, I love pumpkin pie, but where do you find your pumpkin? All the store around here (Kentucky area) do not have canned pumpkin or if they do it's about $4 a can. Do you buy a pumpkin and cook it yourself?