Thursday, November 4, 2010

18 Weeks

I think I am about 18 weeks along.
But I actually might be 17.

All I know is, it's hard to tell time by weeks.

This week is Travis' birthday.
This weekend my sister will come to see us again.

Next week I will receive an award for a film I made.
Next weekend I will probably have a nephew.

The week after we will find out if our baby is a lady or fellow.
The weekend after we probably spend money buying our baby presents, now that there's nothing keeping us back.

Then is the week of Thanksgiving, when I will have two very long papers due.
Then is Thanksgiving weekend when I will eat for two, or three or four.

Then is December, when I will be at least 5 months pregnant and probably pretty huge, considering how big I am now at only 17 or 18 weeks.
But that is how far I am looking ahead right now.

Because in 6 weeks I will get to go whew. Because we will finish on campus and won't have to go to school anymore.
And we will know where we're moving and what Travis' job will be.
And we will go to two pretty awesome weddings for four pretty awesome people.
And we will go see my family for the first time since being pregnant.
And then we will get to go whew. And hypothetically, then things will be easier.


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Polly said...

I hope we don't have to wait until the end of December to see you. That would make me sad! Your only 8 hours away. Maybe we will find a long weekend and come and visit you.