Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Thanksgiving

This is probably my last post before I take a break from everything, including writing on the blog. (Not that the blog is any great effort. I'm sure I enjoy writing about myself more than most of you enjoy reading about me. I'm a very self-centered person.)
But a vacation is needed.

Even from blogging.

Last night we were at the grocery store and a little old latin lady shuffled over and asked (in Spanish) if we spoke Spanish. Travis said, (in Spanish) "Yes, I speak Spanish."
They chattered away in Spanish for a few minutes, which I could not understand and then Travis turned to me and said "I told her we could give her a ride home, okay?"
We quickly finished our shopping and headed out to the car, all the while Travis and the lady were talking and laughing in Spanish.
I took Spanish for two years, but couldn't understand much. I knew when he was telling her I was pregnant with twins, or where we each grew up. I heard her say that she didn't have children, and that she was from Honduras.

And, this may be silly, but the whole ride to her little trailer (which was in a neighboring town) I just felt so overwhelmed with gratitude.
I am grateful for my good husband who is willing to help people.
I am grateful that he went on a mission for our church for two years in Argentina (where he learned Spanish), because besides just learning another language - he also learned how to serve and love people he barely knows.
I am grateful that my sons are going to have such a good dad in their lives.
I am grateful we have a car, and that we could drive a stranger home.
I am grateful she wasn't a scary mugger.

And then we went home, and because it was Monday we had Family Home Evening (which we try to do every Monday) and we each wrote down the top 5 things we were grateful for.
And our lists were almost exactly the same, in the same order and all.

1. I am grateful for my husband.
Travis is grateful for his wife.

2. I am grateful for the twins!
Travis is grateful for BABIES!

3. I am grateful for the gospel and that we're members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints.
Travis is grateful for the gospel and that we have such a good supportive congregation surrounding us.

4. I am grateful for our means, and that we aren't poor. I can say "I need steak and a milkshake" and it's okay. We can afford it.
Travis is grateful for all the job opportunities we've had that our expenses aren't more than we can handle.

5. I am grateful for our happy little home, and that it is a place of comfort and not stress.
Travis is grateful for something... really similar. But I can't recall, and I've already lost the list.

How easily I forget.

But I'm trying to be better. The more gratitude you express the more grateful you will be, not the other way around.
So thank you! Thank you for stopping by and reading.
Thank you for your nice comments and emails.
Thank you for your support and advice, I may not always take it, but I always read it. :)

I hope your Thanksgiving holidays are merry and wonderful and I will see you guys around soon!



Rebecca said...

Your posts are always a blessing. Such a love filled marriage and family you're growing. Safe travels to where ever you're planning to go.

Happy holidays and God bless!

Kayleigh said...

i know this might be weird (and please don't think i'm creepy), but i found your blog through a link on someone else's blog, and i think your writing is lovely. :) your post on having faith was what she linked to, and that post was wonderful.

MARCIE said...

Such a sweet post. How nice to be able to help out a stranger and for Travis to speak Spanish. What lucky little boys you will have being born to such nice parents. I have so many blessings in my life and you two are part of that for me!