Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ultrasound Update!

I love, LOVE having ultrasounds.
I love having the technician show me the positions the boys are in, and say "both of their feet are right here."
So then I can say, "Yes, I feel them kicking there all day long!"

I love seeing how much weight they're putting on (70z each in the last two weeks! They're up to a pound and a half each!)

But mostly I love seeing them move. Today the doctor was explaining something about the placenta and the ultrasound wand was just casually resting on my stomach, not moving, or searching or pressing, and I could see one of the babies, straighten his legs out, and then fold them again and then streeeeetch his legs and readjust back into sitting with his legs crossed.
And I could feel it, too.
And it was so blasted cute.

Usually I feel them all day long and think "what are you two doing in there?"
And I like knowing what they're doing.
I like seeing how they move and relating it to what I feel.

This is little baby Bs profile. It is stuck up on the fridge.
Look at that cute little button nose, and his puckery little lips.
I can't wait to kiss his little face.


Mary said...

WOW, thats cute! You have 3 lbs of baby in you.

Chris said...


When I was at the hospital, we had little babies in the NICU that were just a pound and a half. They would be born at 27-30 weeks. When I would have something to do in the NICU I always would peek in on the babies. I can tell you, that you have two little persons in there. Baby A and Baby B (thing 1 and thing 2) already have personalities and gifts and talents you get to discover and encourage. They also have lots of potential and things you get to mold. God created their spirits and you created their bodies.

Just 3 more months.


MARCIE said...

Let the good times roll!

Polly said...

What an adorable little profile, at least we know that baby A has the same profile. They look so cute! I get more excited and feel less prepared every day. I'm sure you feel the same way.