Wednesday, January 12, 2011

28 Weeks

If you pay attention, you might know that today I am supposed to have my bimonthly ultrasound.
Unfortunately, it has been pushed back to next week to make room for a doctors appointment.
But now that the doctor and ultrasounds are on alternating weeks I will get to check up on the babies every week!
(I wish they could be the same day, but the ultrasounds are at the hospital, not the clinic.... It's all very confusing.)

But last night we took some pictures of my belly anyway, and I decided I wanted Travis in them - since we don't really have any pictures of us where I look pregnant.
Our camera has a setting where it will take a picture every 5 seconds....
So we used that.

We might have gotten carried away.
We look like this.


Also, these pictures were all taken in our very unfinished nursery. Which will hopefully be painted this or next week.



Mary said...

This is a very cute blog, you and Travis are attractive, but mostly your belly is awesome.

Polly said...

The hugging pic is hilarious, because Travis's stomache is so much higher then yours. He is tall. Love you guys!

Brittany said...

K. I'm totally going to sound like a creep with this comment, but I found your blog off of Celia's and got so excited because I have 5 month old twin girls. :) I must say that you're hilarious, look fantastic and I officially love your blog. Good luck! You're almost there and I'm glad to have found another twin mom!