Tuesday, January 25, 2011

facebook style post

Sometimes I just want to post a billion short, one sentence posts.
And when that happens I want to do it facebook status style, because it is a format I'm good at.

Becky Pitcher is the size of a woman 9 months pregnant.

Becky Pitcher is very sore and incapable of doing anything.

Becky Pitcher spent much of her day yesterday in bed crying because she is so pathetic.

Becky Pitcher got a present in the mail from Jessica and it pretty much made the WHOLE day better.

Becky Pitcher has been reading What Mothers Do non-stop, and finds it to be wonderful and recommends it to all mothers, especially new mothers or the mothers of small children or babies.

Becky Pitcher is getting really excited for her baby shower!

Becky Pitcher can't wait to see her sister Mary this weekend.

Becky Pitcher would love visitors today, if said visitors are up to sitting with her in her bed.

Becky Pitcher had a doctors apt. yesterday and the doctor said the same old: "So far you've had a perfect pregnancy." It makes her feel happy and reassured.

Becky Pitcher has gained about 3 pounds in the last week and a half.

Becky Pitcher feels guilty, because eating is such a task that she's not being very good about it, but these babies need food!

Becky Pitcher takes a bath or two a day and finds them to be wonderful.

Becky Pitcher would love any movie or tv show recommendations since she's bored pretty often.

Becky Pitcher can no longer even try to do prenatal yoga.

Becky Pitcher is 30 weeks pregnant.

Becky Pitcher is a little scared for the next six weeks.

Becky Pitcher will have two babies in perhaps six weeks. Perhaps seven or eight.

Becky Pitcher would like someone to come arrange the nursery for her, while she instructs them from the couch but doesn't help.

Becky Pitcher will not take any pictures for her blog because she's not up to editing them, but will shamelessly steal pictures from her sister Lisa's blog.

These are pictures Lisa took last March. It might look like this when the boys are born:

Becky Pitcher doesn't think that would be so bad.


Jessica D. said...

I recommend Lie to Me, Psych seasons 1-4, International Velvet (movie based on National Velvet about horses)... lets see... McClintock (if you like westerns with John Wayne).... I'm sure there's tons more but if you have netflix everything except McClintock are on instant watch. And if you sign up for netflix you get your first month free and can cancel after that if you want. Also tons of kids movies. TONS! It's a horrible and wonderful thing.

The Stanley's said...

I feel as though I've just had a conversation with Dobby or Karl Malone.
Foot massage. That is what you need.
See you soon.

Brittany said...

I have a post very similar to this saved in my drafts that I haven't posted yet. It's a bit negative, so I might just keep it for myself. However, just know that I totally get it. I thought I was going to murder someone around week 30. I was a beast! It'll all be over soon! Oh, and I was also terrified to the point of being in complete denial until I was on the operating table! I panicked and shouted," am I REALLY having two?!" Everybody laughed and I just started crying even harder. it.was.awesome. So just don't do that and you'llbe fine. ;)

Brittany said...

And i'm not saying this is a bad or negative post. Mine's whiny and abnoxious.

Can't wait for this Saturday!

Allie said...

If you have Netflix, you can watch the Psych seasons from your computer without having to wait for them in the mail. Highly recommended!

Audrey said...

Keven and I are huge Colbert Report fans. You can watch it on ColbertNation.com... we just watch the first 10-20 min of each episode and skip the interviews (and any dirty stuff) I really enjoy it! Once you start breastfeeding you'll need these suggestions even more!

Lauren said...

You won't regret it. That's what I've been doing lately.

I'm sorry that you are having a hard time. I miss seeing you. I intend to come visit you ASAP.

Can I bring food to help you with the eating thing? A batch of rice pudding? Dinner? Cookies? Other assorted snacks? (perhaps a pie?)

I want to do things... so just tell me what I can do to be helpful.