Friday, January 14, 2011

What would Ma Ingalls do?

In my mind, the ideal woman is somewhere between Ma Ingalls and Beyonce. That's who I want to be.
Which Travis says means that I can bake a pie, skin a pig and then drop it like its hot.

We often talk about ways for me to become more like Ma Ingalls, my idol.
A few days ago, we saw our neighbor who is 7 months pregnant carrying her two year old - despite her big belly! 
We had this conversation:

Becky: Oh my gosh, what am I going to do when I'm pregnant and also have little kids to take care of? It's seems dangerous to carry around a toddler while you're so pregnant.
Travis: Well, you wouldn't carry around a toddler while you're pregnant, because you're smart and you won't push your body.
Becky: What if I don't have a choice? What if I need to carry my child?
Travis: What would Ma Ingalls do?
Becky: She's really tough, Travis. She could totally carry a baby and a toddler.
Travis: Would she?
Becky: No. 
Travis: Why?
Becky: Because she's smart and knows not to push it. And she would never baby a child that can walk by carrying it. She'd make the two year old walk himself.
Travis: I think I need to make you a shirt that says "What would Ma Ingalls do?"
Becky: Yes, please!
Travis: Does it seem sacrilegious? Because people say "What would Jesus do?"
Becky: No. Plus it's totally inappropriate to ask what Jesus would do in this situation.
Travis: Because he's never been pregnant AND had a two year old.
Becky: Exactly, so I defiantly need a shirt to remind me to be like Ma Ingalls.
Travis: Such a wise woman. Such a good role model. 

It has been a few days, and no shirt is forthcoming so I guess I have to keep waiting.
But I will bear it up with patience.
That is, after all, what Ma Ingalls would do.

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Chris said...

The ideal woman? She's
hiding in Montana