Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Beluga

Travis calls me Baby Belgua as a friendly nickname.
He called me that long before I was pregnant, but seems to find especial joy in calling me that now.
Since I'm so much more gigantic, obviously.

A few days ago I was in the tub, and Travis had my laptop and called out "Someone named Liz is gchatting you."

"It's LISA!" I shouted, "Say hi! I'm coming! Don't let her leave, I want to talk to her!" (Since Lisa is in Japan and our times are so different I hardly ever get to talk to her. It was a big deal.)

"No, Becky. It says LIZ, not Lisa. I'm just going to sign out so I don't have to talk to her."

"It's LISA! IT'S LISA!  It says Liz, but it's Lisa, I'm coming! I'm coming!"

I was toweling off my giant belly as quickly as I could.
When I reached my bed, Travis turned the computer over to me, and then sat there giggling with a goofy little smirk on his face.

This is what the chat box read:

liz0827: I hope you like the biscuits and candies! the stuff toys are goofy, ..hehe, i miss your family so much!
 me: i loved them!
8:57 PM how is hong kong!
  year of the rabbit
  oh man, i am so huge
  my belly is like a beach ball
  my new nick name is beluga
  like baby beluga
8:58 PM liz0827: :P
  hong kong SO GOOD
  i love the family, hilarious conversation
  like thanksgiving....
  that was all Travis
  this is becky
  hi Lisa!
 liz0827: hahaah hi Travis and Becky
  hahaha Beluga...

Oh Travis... He thinks he's SO funny.
Also, since we all know I love posting pictures of myself, here's another one from this morning.
Looking good, Baby Beluga.

And isn't the Baby Beluga intro the LONGEST song ever written for television?



travis pitcher said...

I love you my little Beluga. I thought of something else to say that I think is funny. You are so huge right now even your shirt has stretch marks! SNAP!

Really though, I think you are beautiful and I love you more every day!

Mary said...

haha I like your husband he is funny....I love you and you are beautiful!!