Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday we left the hospital.
Leaving without your babies is hard.
I spent most of the day crying.

But now I've had a nice long sleep (in two and a half hour blocks [I have get up to pump]) and looked at these cute pictures,
and the world seems a little nicer.
And speaking of nice, these are the nicest babies ever.

I will label my babies, so you can tell them apart. But in these ones it's pretty easy, Grey is the one above and Micah is below. Maybe when Micah gains some weight they'll look more identical?

Four little baby feet.

Grey on the left, Micah on the right. Micah was pretty sleepy, but he was trying really hard to pay attention to me talking.  Grey was watching one of his monitors, they both LOVE watching the colors zigzag across the black screen.

Grey Baby.

This is my favorite of Grey, because he's looking right at the camera!

Travis managed to snatch this silly face. Too bad he's out of focus! (Grey)

Micah is very pink. Actually, they're both really pink. The color on these pictures are weird, because I forgot to White Balance until half-way through.
But that's what color Micah is in real life.
He was pretty sleepy.

Micah ALWAYS has this little smirk. Looks like he's going to get into mischief. 
Yesterday I couldn't stop laughing, he very deliberately, mind you, grabbed those two "leads" on his chest (which monitor his heart rate and breathing) and ripped them off. The nurses have never seen such grabby babies. They're ALWAYS pulling they're cords off.
Little trouble makers.
This is Travis holding Micah.

He doesn't look too much tinier than a full-term baby, I think.
Little Micah, all tuckered out.
This is Travis holding Grey.  When one of us talks or sings, Grey always tries to look for where the sound is coming from. I love this picture so much.

Each holding a baby. Travis has Grey. I wish you could see his face, too!
Another little family picture.

And I'll leave you with the best picture ever. (Grey on the left, Micah on the right)



Jolene Paxman said...

Hi....I love, love the pictures !! It brings back so many memories. Cadence was always pulling off her leads too. I agree...they are pretty cute! I can tell the difference in them right now (Micah has a different head/face shape right now) Time will tell as they fill out more. Know that we think about all of you every day.
Love: Aunt Jolene

Teeners said...

I am so sorry that you had to come home without your babies. I'm sure they will come home soon, though. They are looking great! How cute! Can't wait to see them!

Brittany said...

Pulling on their wires must mean they're ready to get the heck out of there. :) what cute little babies! I love that they can be together too. I was pretty upset that mine were separated. I'm sure that helps them a lot! I hope you're able to get the rest you need and that they come home soon!

The Stanley's said...

Such perfect babies.

Boni Lady said...

The boys are simply gorgeous! I know it's hard leaving without them... but they'll be home soon and you'll have all the time in the world with them! God bless you and your hubby... and praying for a quick homecoming for the boys!

-Danica- said...

I really really can't get enough of these pictures. Like you know how when its your baby, and you just want more and more pictures to look at? yah, your little guys are that cute :) Really hope they can come home soon!

Marisa said...

Such beautiful babies you have there, Becky! They are adorable. You are one lucky mama.

Polly said...

So sweet I can hardly stand it. I can't wait till they come home and we can just snuggle them all day long. I love their expressions, so dang cute!

tammy said...

Your boys are so sweet! I want to snuggle them. It makes me miss having a brand new baby! Scarlett is already 3 months old! Enjoy every second. Before you know it they won't be brand new anymore.

Nana B said...

I showed off lots of photos I printed at my quilt guild today, the concensus is they are prefect, awesome little boys. Many ladies were wishing they could hold them and cuddle, so a trip to MN should be in the plans.

Audrey said...

Congratulations! They are so beautiful!

sienna said...

what angels! they are so cute! and so little and so perfect. i'm so happy for you guys!